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Venice Canal Barges

An exclusive Venice canal barge vacation in the Mediterranean will reveal extraordinary rare scenic beauty. The breathtaking beauty of Venice, with its magnificent inland waterways and incredibly beautiful Italian coast, will astound you when you cruise through the city in your luxury Venice canal barge. Your Venice canal barge vacation will remain etched in your memory indefinitely as Venice is arguably the most beautiful canal barge holiday destination in the entire world. Furthermore, Venice is a fabulous country and a superb luxury cruising destination with rare natural scenic beauty. You will have the chance to see originals of Tintoretto's and Canaletto's artwork firsthand on your luxury Venice canal barge holiday.

A luxury Venice canal barge will meander through stunning ancient architecture. It will be quickly revealed to you why Venice is a favorite haunt of many famous artists on your luxury Venice canal barge. This is due to Venice being home to spectacular calm water lagoons, the magnificent beaches of Bibione and Lido, which you will enjoy encountering on a luxury Venice canal barge vacation.

On your luxury Venice canal barge you will be enchanted by the gorgeous Mediterranean countryside. Venice is home to numerous wheat fields, vineyards, orchards and lovely olive groves which you can explore on a Venice canal barge. These picturesque settings attract many visitors every year on Venice canal barges with their tranquil surroundings, where you can escape the hustle and bustle and stresses of everyday life. You will also enjoy gliding along the relatively unknown and spectacularly beautiful Brenta River on your luxury Venice canal barge cruise. Along your Venice luxury canal barge, you will pass by lovely Renaissance architecture and also some amazing Byzantine architecture. Inside the building you will discover Tintoretto's and Canaletto's fine works on your exclusive luxury Venice canal barge.

Many visitors to Venice remark on the superb vantage point you get from the comfort of your luxury Venice canal barge. The new canal barge base is located at charming Casier, which is on the magnificent Sile River. It is a spectacular spring water serene river, ideal for luxury Venice canal barges. The gorgeous river winds along through Casier and numerous other picturesque townships boasting lovely Italian Villas and beautiful surrounding gardens. It is very easy to see why so many artists live and work in Venice's inspiring surroundings and go on luxury Venice canal barges.

You can leisurely explore the beautiful romantic waterways and spectacular lagoons on your incredible Venice canal barge cruise. You can take your time and go on an incredible Venice canal barge cruise round the beautiful nearby islands of Murano, Burano and idyllic Torcello. Here, you are sure to discover the quaint and charming fishing villages with numerous fine-dining restaurants that serve traditional delicious fresh cuisine matched with crisp cool Soave wine on your exclusive Venice canal barge cruise.

Venice is a stunning and dynamic city with so much to offer visitors with superb luxury Venice canal barges, its lovely ambience, numerous fine-dining restaurants and beautiful seaside cafes. In Treviso you will discover numerous outstanding museums, fine Italian art galleries, restaurants and lovely water features. You can choose to cruise southwards on your exclusive Venice luxury canal barge to the incredible Po Delta, with numerous magnificent lakes and rivers and an extraordinary nature reserve. The spectacularly beautiful Delta del Po Park is incredibly tranquil and serene and is inhabited by many species of exotic birds including herons, beautiful pink flamingos and snipe.

Venice offers numerous attractions for you to explore on your luxury Venice canal barge. There are spectacular archaeological sites for you to explore on the beautiful Bianco Canal and at the quaint township of Adria on your exclusive Venice canal barge. These once were ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. The famous Venetion Canal follows fascinating ancient Roman and Greek trade routes.

Many visitors to picturesque Venice are attracted to magnificent Grand Canal barges, the vibrant St Mark's Square with a spectacular cathedral, the numerous narrow cobblestone streets and the world-renowned beautiful Rialto Bridge. Another popular attraction is the many stunning Gothic Palaces found in Venice that are sure to enchant you and take you back in time on your magnificent luxury Venice canal barge vacation.