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About Spas

Want to pamper yourself? Want to completely indulge all of your senses?  Want to just relax and get away from everything?  Then why not consider a luxury spa holiday at a destination of your choice.  Luxury spas can be found all around the world, and at all sorts of wonderful exotic locations that will be sure to excite you.

 Luxury health spa holidays are becoming increasingly popular as a holiday choice in our forever hectic and changing world, as people search for relaxation, health and wellness and anti-aging therapies.   So much so, that they are being described as a new cultural trend.  However, spa-going has been happening for thousands of years, from the Egyptians, the Greek and the Romans and to the Japanese and Western European. 

 An exclusive luxury spa holiday will offer modern and advanced treatments and technology, a calm and serene setting, a range of healthy cuisine, luxurious accommodation and a variety of healthy activities such as yoga, meditation, tennis or educational classes just to name a few.  Luxury spas can be located in the middle of a city, such as the Spa at Mandarin Oriental in New York, or on a tropical island such as SpaHalekulani in Hawaii.

 Today’s modern luxury spas can range from a day spa, hotel/resort spa or destination spa.  It is quite important to ask yourself exactly what it is you want to get out of your luxury spa holiday, so that you choose the right luxury spa for yourself.

 Day spas offer spa treatments on a day to day basis.  This may include facials, massages or mud wraps for example.  They can range from a small shop to a huge property featuring all the latest technology.

 Hotel or resort spas are located within a hotel or a resort.  Most new hotels and resorts now offer spa services as they are becoming more and more popular in today’s world.  Hotel or resort spas do not include meals and you pay for each specific treatment individually.  They are a good choice if you are traveling with someone else who is not interested in taking part in spa treatments.

 Destination spas are a holistic health experience.  They are usually all-inclusive and require a stay of at least several days to fully benefit from the services.  They usually incorporate healthy cuisine along with a full range of spa treatments and exercise opportunities.

 An exclusive luxury spa holiday really is the ultimate way to relax and unwind and truly pamper yourself.  So why not truly indulge in a destination spa and forget about the real world for a week or more.  Or alternatively, if your partner or husband would prefer to play golf or do business, then a hotel or resort spa would be ideal for your luxury holiday.