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Italy Luxury Villas, Hotel Resorts and 5 Star Travel

Italy luxury hotel resorts and 5 star villas and spas are surrounded by rolling hills, acres of chestnut and oak forests and towering mountain ranges, ideal for a luxury travel vacation of Europe. Italy is a spectacular empire with magnificent ancient churches, architecture, sculptures and frescos for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation. On a magnificent luxury travel vacation you will enjoy viewing superb Renaissance paintings while staying in gorgeous Italy luxury resort hotels or spa that line the dramatic coastline. More than 3 000 years of history are represented in Italy today with bustling cities and quaint pastoral villages. There are also lush green hillsides, beautiful seaside villages and exclusive Italy luxury hotel resorts and 5 star villas. Famous Italy luxury hotel resorts and 5 star villas include The Grand Hotel Continental, Bagni di Pisa Natural Spa Resort and Forte Village.

Exclusive Italy luxury hotel resorts and 5 star villas are nestled amongst rare scenic beauty including gorgeous mature woods, orchards and terraces. In Italy you can chose between skiing on spectacular mountain slopes including the Alps, Apennines and the Dolomites, or relaxing on the beach. In particular, you are sure to enjoy the powder-soft sand beaches of San Remo on your luxury travel vacation staying in an exclusive Italy luxury resort hotel or spa. The numerous canals in Venice float on many islands in a spectacular Adriatic lagoon. Above all, you will enjoy immersing yourself in the rich culture and people. Italians are impeccably stylish, fashionable, and cheerful and deliver first-class hospitality. Experience their genuine hospitality firsthand when you stay at your choice of numerous Italy luxury hotel resorts and 5 star villas in Italy.

You will thoroughly enjoy staying in an Italy luxury resort on your luxury travel vacation with beautiful lakes and magnificent wildlife habitats. Italy is home to stunning architecture with several spectacular Italy luxury resort hotels that are awe-inspiring. You will be impressed by the beautiful arches of the spectacular Ponte Vecchio, situated in Florence. You will simply marvel in awe at the magnificent ancient Colosseum located in Rome on your luxury travel vacation. Not surprisingly, there are numerous fine-art galleries scattered around the gorgeous city which proudly showcase the delightful works of Michelangelo, da Vinci, Botticelli and Carvaggio near the exclusive Italy luxury resort hotels. The Vatican City is located on the beautiful outskirts of the city of Rome, where you can visit St Peter's Basilica and the breathtaking Sistine Chapel. There are many holy festivals and celebrations in all of Italy attesting to the strong Catholic faith that still exists and influences life today in Italy. You can enjoy a leisure stroll, passeggiata, in the lovely evening before retiring to your choice of exclusive Italy luxury resort hotel for the night.

The breathtaking architecture of Italy luxury resort hotels will astound you along with innumerable historic buildings that stand alongside traditional open-air beautiful markets. The local markets sell fresh fruit and vegetables near local bakeries and quaint cheese stores. There are many breathtaking vistas in the Italian countryside boasting beautiful wildflowers against the spectacular background of the rugged limestone Dolomites. The cuisine found in Italy is unparalleled with the lovely smell of fresh pasta slowly wafting from one of many stunning restaurants. You can enjoy sumptuous fine-dining on your magnificent Italy luxury resort hotels. There are many excellent boutiques and shopping venues in Italy that sell, among other famous brands, the Armani brand.

The climate in Italy is generally warm, sunny and pleasant making it an ideal luxury travel holiday destination spot with numerous Italy luxury resort hotels sprinkled along the coastline. The climate of Italy is described as being temperate and Mediterranean, hot and very dry in the south and Alpine further north. There are some regional variations as in the north of Italy there is occasional rainfall, the south is drenched with heat and the central parts of Italy are humid. In Turin, Milan and Venice it is damp, foggy and cold during the winter. At the same time in the south of Italy it average between 10-20 degrees C. The best time to come to Italy is in April and May or September and October.

The currency in Italy is the Euro (EUR). ATM's are handily located on most central city streets for your ease and convenience and are near all of the magnificent luxury resort hotels in Italy.

Flying to Italy on a luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and stress-free. There are numerous non-stop flights flying to and from Aeroporto di Ampugnano, Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci, Aeroporto Marco Polo, Aeroporto Cristoforo Columbo, Aeroporti di Roma and Partire e Arrivare a Milano. Each of the magnificent luxury resort hotels is located within easy driving distance of at least one of the airports in Italy. The airlines serving Italy include Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and Lauder Air Italy...just to name a few.