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France Luxury Hotels, Villas and Chateaux

France luxury hotels, chateaux and villas are located in charming, romantic surroundings that are a serene haven for an exclusive luxury travel vacation of Europe. France is as a superb luxury travel holiday destination which has an infinite number of gorgeous powder-soft sand beaches with numerous France luxury resort hotels, chateaux and villas sprinkled along its rugged dramatic coastline. France has an eclectic and rich nature for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation. France boasts several lively bustling cities, beautiful and quaint villages, France luxury ski resorts and a spectacular sun-drenched isle. There are also France golf resorts in the French Riviera. Rural life in France continues to flourish and much of the beautiful countryside is still unspoiled for you to explore on your France luxury resort hotel holiday. France luxury resort hotels include The Chateau de la Chevre d?Or, The Chateau Eza and the Hotel de Mougins.

France luxury resort hotels, chateaux and villas provide elegant and sophistication interiors and surroundings. Paris represents style, fashion, cuisine and art, an ideal place to visit on a luxury travel vacation. The quaint French provinces provide varied and spectacular landscapes and a wonderful sense of French culture. On you luxury travel holiday, you can chose from stylish chateaus in the stunning Loire Valley, Bordeaux's lovely vineyards or enjoy the Pyrenees' and Alps' rugged ski slopes. You can also explore Brittany's dramatic and beautiful coasts or Provence's charming villages and friendly people on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. The choice is entirely yours. You will enjoy the first-class hospitality you will receive in France luxury resort hotels, villas and chateaux. Experience the genuine hospitality when you stay in one of the numerous France luxury resort hotels.

France luxury resort hotels are located amongst numerous beautiful abbeys, chateaux and beautiful manor houses. It is a country of contrast with a rich history and traditions for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation. France symbolizes elegance, style, fashion, fine cuisine, architecture and high culture and art and is reflected in France luxury resort hotels. You will be very impressed by the numerous ancient castles, cave paintings; battle scars and cathedrals sprinkled throughout the gorgeous country which reflect the ancient culture and traditions of France, which in turn shape the country today. You will enjoy discovering the bustling charming cities of Marseilles and Lyon with numerous France luxury resort hotels on your luxury travel vacation.

While you stay in one of the beautiful France luxury resort hotels you are sure to enjoy visiting a local open-air market on your luxury travel vacation. Here, you can leisurely peruse stores on Boulevard Richard Lenoir where you can purchase fresh Brittany mussels, coffee, lovely bouquets of beautiful flowers, fruit and cheeses nearby your France luxury resort hotel. You will also love the Haute Couture Shops on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore where you can purchase stylish bags and shoes on your luxury travel vacation.

You will thoroughly enjoy your stay in a France luxury resort hotel. You will also want to visit Cannes Shopping Festival with unique fashion stalls while you stay at one of France's luxury resort hotels. You will be extremely impressed by a visit to the Martine Carles Art Gallery. There are more than 40 000 monuments in France, 6 000 museums, 1 000 festivals and numerous seaside France luxury resort hotels. You will enjoy the French Riviera golf courses, the diverse number of exquisite restaurants and cafes sprinkled throughout the country serving sumptuous award-winning cuisine. The country is famous for its culinary traditions.

The climate in France is generally warm, pleasant and sunny making it an ideal location for a holiday while staying in your choice of France luxury resort hotel. France usually always has mild, dry summers and cool summers. In the south of France there is a warm, dry Mediterranean climate boasting hot summer and less cool winters. La Mistral winds, strong winds, sometimes occur in Provence, Cote d'Azur and the Rhone Valley in spring and winter. Northern France has quite a temperate climate while the western coast, which stretches from the beautiful Loire Valley to the towering Pyrenees, has some very hot days and a mild climate.

The currency in France is the Euro. ATM's are handily located on most central city streets for your ease and convenience and are nearby most major luxury resort hotels in France.

Flying to France on a France luxury resort vacation is very convenient, comfortable and stress-free. There are numerous international and domestic airlines in France including Roissy-Charles De Gaulle International Airport and Orly International Airport. All of the luxury resort hotels are located within easy driving distance of one of the international or domestic airports in France. The airlines serving France include Air France, Continental Airlines, France Airlines and Air Austral...just to name a few.