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Finland Luxury Hotels and Health Spas

Finland luxury hotels, villas and health spas are located amongst sparkling lakes, rolling low hills and varied wildlife, an ideal destination for a luxury travel vacation of Northern Europe. Finland is a modern high-tech country boasting numerous beautiful lakes, beaches lined with numerous Finland luxury resort hotels. Exclusive Finland luxury resort hotels are located near picturesque islets, coves and lush forests and unspoiled wilderness. Finland is a superb luxury travel holiday country where the sun never sets during the summer time and never manages to rise in the winter. Exclusive Finland luxury resort hotels, villas and health spas include Rantasipi Pohianhori Hotel and Spa Hotel Rantasipi Eden.

Finland luxury resort hotels, villas and health spas are located in a beautiful place where high culture and Finnish traditions are appreciated. A luxury travel vacation in Finland will enchant, inspire and delight visitors with its gorgeous Swedish-style castles and beautiful Russian-domed churches. The bustling city of Helsinki, the capital, boasts an outstanding number of exclusive Finland luxury hotels, fine-art galleries, historic museums, fine restaurants and cafes. By contrast, the lush countryside is home to rare natural beauty with acres of pristine, beautiful wilderness for you to explore on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. The indigenous and lovely Sami people live in the northern Laplands of Finland and will intrigue you will their fascinating ways of life while you stay in your exclusive Finland luxury hotel. You will enjoy the rich culture and warm, quiet and hardworking people who pride themselves on delivering legendary first-class hospitality and service on your luxury travel vacation. Experience their genuine hospitality when you stay at your choice of exclusive Finland luxury resort hotels, villas and health spa.

Exclusive Finland luxury hotels are nestled amongst a land of unspoiled nature and a beautiful dramatic coastline. Finland is a superb luxury travel vacation destination and is considered one of the most high-tech and modern cities in the entire world with internet connections surpassing the high number of connections found in the US and the UK. While staying in your Finland luxury resort hotels, villas and health spas you are sure to enjoy immersing yourself in the intriguing culture in Finland. On your luxury travel holiday you will enjoy many art dance, folk and magnificent outdoor music festivals, with live music, held annually at fantastic entertainment venues. The common expression "as talkative as Finn" originated in Finland because the people have a Finnish character trait; they are shy and reserved; however, in the right situation they can be very talkative like anyone else.

You will thoroughly enjoy your exclusive luxury travel holiday while staying in a Finland luxury hotels, villas and health spa. Away from the luxury and comfort of your Finland luxury hotel room, there is a wide array of outdoor attractions such as hiking through magnificent unspoiled wilderness parks, mountain biking through spectacular terrain and strolling round gorgeous blue lakes. You are sure to enjoy relaxing on one of the pristine powder-soft island beaches off Finland's coast matched by glimmering blue and turquoise azure waters on your luxury travel vacation. You will also enjoy perusing designer boutiques, fine galleries, historical museums and exquisite shopping venues at your own relaxed, leisurely pace near Finland?s luxury hotels, villas and health spas. In the countryside in Finland there are numerous quaint cottages with saunas for weekend trips far from the hustle and bustle of the lively cities. Even in the most remote areas there is likely to be high-tech mod-cons to enjoy on your luxury travel holiday. Finland luxury resort hotels will enchant, inform and delight you.

The climate in Finland is generally warm, sunny and pleasant making Finland an ideal holiday vacation spot boasting numerous Finland luxury resort hotels on the spectacular coastline. Finland's climate is described as being temperate and cold with a lot of seasonal variation. Winters can drop to -20 degrees C in places such as northern Lapland. Summer temperatures can rise as high as 20 degrees C and in the east and south of the country as high as 30 degrees C. Helsinki (the capital city) has temperatures between -5 degrees C and 17 degrees C.

Finland's currency is the Euro (EUR). ATM's are handily located on most central city streets nearby all of the magnificent luxury resort hotels located on Finland's fantastic coastline.

Flying to Finland for an exclusive Finland luxury resort vacation is very convenient, comfortable and stress-free. There are numerous airlines that fly non-stop to and from Finland's airports including Helsinki's Vantaa International Airport and Tampere -Pirkkala International Airport. All of the major luxury resort hotels are located within easy driving distance of at least one of Finland's airports. The airlines serving Finland include Finland Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Aeroflot Soviet Airlines, Cyprus Airways...just to name a few.