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Wistler - A Famous Ski Resort

About Ski

Luxury ski resorts and chalets really do provide some of the best accommodation found in the world.  When you are finished with the slopes, luxury ski chalets provide everything you might need to soothe those aching bones.   Luxury ski resorts can be found all over the world, with the most popular ones being located in Europe and North America.  However, don’t forget about some other exclusive regions such as New Zealand, South America and Japan.  Each region has something different to offer, and by staying in luxury accommodation you are guaranteed to get world class service.  You might even find yourself wanting the day to finish on the slopes!  So you can go back to your luxurious ski chalet and relax and rejuvenate – and get yourself ready for the next day!

In Europe, the most popular countries for luxury ski holidays are France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.  All of these options offer dramatic mountainous scenery and huge vertical drops which is important to the experienced skier.  Each country offers a unique culture and cuisine which can be enjoyed off the slopes in the evening.  Europe offers so much more to discover than the slopes, so you may even find yourself taking a few days off from skiing and exploring the surrounding region and history.  Some of the most popular ski resorts in Europe are Chamonix, Zerbatt, Cortina and Courchevel.

North America is also a fantastic destination choice for luxury ski holidays – there are a wide range of exclusive ski resorts and chalets to choose from in numerous locations. These include Whistler, Steamboat, Vail and Banff just to name a few.  Once again, dramatic scenery, long down hill runs and high vertical drops make North America a haven for avid skiers.    

A region which has become more and more popular in the last few years is Japan with ski regions and resorts such as Nagano and Hokkaido.  Once again, aside from the great skiing which is on offer, there are also numerous cultural activities and places to explore and discover.

And let’s not forget New Zealand!  The most popular luxury ski resort in New Zealand would have to be Queenstown – the scenery here will take your breath away with the beautiful snowy mountains and glassy lakes.  Queenstown is a picturesque ski village with an abundance of luxury accommodation including resorts, villas and chalets available for hire. 

Need to try something different this Winter holiday?  The latest trend in the ski industry is of course heli-skiing or boarding.  This is where a helicopter will drop you off in a remote and exclusive location on a mountain for you to ski or snow board from there.  This activity is becoming increasingly popular and can now be done in almost any ski resort world wide.   It provides access to untouched and unchartered areas ever before, and you can be the first one to mark the powder for the day!