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Africa Luxury Resorts

Exclusive Africa luxury resorts are situated amongst striking, diverse scenery with stunning waterways, arid land and pristine wilderness which you can explore on a luxury travel vacation. From the spectacular beauty of the Okarango Delta and the Makgadikgadi Pans of Botswana to the magnificent savannah grasslands of Kenya you are sure to enjoy your luxury travel holiday in Africa. Exclusive Africa luxury resort hotels offer magnificent views, sheer elegance, quiet sophistication and style. Tanzania luxury resort hotels offer spectacular views of diverse exotic landscapes, pristine beauty and wild untouched splendor for you to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Egypt luxury resort hotels are situated deep within beautiful, mystical landscapes with vast desert plateaus, the spectacular Nile Valley and Delta. Exclusive Africa luxury resorts offer magnificent coastlines of pristine palm-fringed sandy beaches, lapped by beautiful warm blue waters and spectacular coral reefs. Mozambique luxury resort hotels are located in enchanting archipelago with numerous unspoiled bays for you to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Chobe Chilwero Lodge, Gaborone Sun Hotel, Palacina Hotel, Fairview Hotel, Zanzibar Beach Resorts, The Palms Zanzibar, Conrad Cairo and the Grand Rotana Resort and Spa. Other exclusive Africa luxury resort hotels include Quila Island Resort, Indigo Bay Island Resort and Polana Resort.

Exclusive Africa luxury resorts include Kenya luxury resorts which are surrounded by breathtaking snowcapped mountain ranges, savannah grasslands and mangrove swamps. Africa luxury resort hotels are surrounded by rocky islets, swaying palm trees and a dramatic rugged coastline for you to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation of Africa. Kenya luxury resort hotels are protected by extensive and beautiful barrier reefs and spectacular coral fringes. You will enjoy the beautiful freshwater lakes, spectacular deserts, and the magnificent snow-capped summit of Mt Kenya, Great Rift Valley and Lake Victoria on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. The beautiful Kenyan countryside boasts fertile soil agriculture belts, dramatic jagged mountains, beautiful creeks, offshore coral islands, central highlands and dusty desert savannah regions.

Tanzania luxury resorts are some of Africa’s most beautiful luxury resort hotels which you can explore on an exclusive luxury travel vacation. Tanzania is situated in East Africa with beautiful Africa luxury resorts, a mythic geography and landscape with remote sandy beaches, shaded palm tree groves, natural lagoons, unparalleled flora and fauna and mangrove swamps will astound you with their rare scenic beauty. Zanzibar, “the Spice Island,” provides blue and turquoise azure seas, pristine coral reefs, gently undulating hills and emerald colored native forests to enjoy while staying in a Tanzania luxury resort hotel. While staying in an Africa luxury resort hotel you can explore beautiful colonial mansions, aqueducts and baths, breathtaking palaces, mosques, squares and bazaars. On your luxury travel vacation of Zanzibar you will enjoy visiting spectacular Lake Manyara while staying in a beautiful Tanzania luxury resort hotel.

Botswana luxury resort hotels are nestled amongst vast spaces, magnificent wetlands and are located near the spectacular Okarango Delta and the beautiful Makgadikgadi Pans. The Okarango Delta is moving, enchanting and mysterious labyrinth of hidden channels, lagoons and breathtakingly beautiful lakes. It is most impressive when in August the beautiful champagne colored waters are at their deepest. This unique area attracts a wide range of wildlife with its pretty lagoons and beautiful channels.

Exclusive Africa luxury resort hotels include Egypt luxury resort hotels that are surrounded by mystical landscapes, ancient cultures, towering skyscrapers, art deco villas, swaying palm trees and the spectacular Nile River. Africa luxury resort hotels are situated nearby ancient Memphis ruins, numerous historic monuments, the magnificent pyramids of the pharaohs and early Christian monasteries. On your luxury travel vacation you will enjoy visiting the Salah al-din’s Citadel, the beautiful mosques of Mamluke and Ottaman Sultans. While staying in an Egypt luxury resort hotel you will discover Cairo’s spectacular skyline, Corniche where sailboats etch the skies with their tall masts. On your luxury travel vacation you will enjoy seeing the Nile flow through stunning amber and gold desert, round emerald islands covered in beautiful palm groves and varied tropical plants.

Mozambique luxury resort hotels are situated in a beautiful tropical getaway destination with shaded pristine beaches, a fabulous Marine Park and the bustling, vibrant and beautiful capital of Lourenco Marques. Exclusive Africa luxury resort hotels in Lourenco Marques provide outstanding views of tall colonial buildings, acacia trees and beautiful broad avenues in an elegant and sophisticated city. While staying in an exclusive Mozambique luxury resort hotel you will enjoy visiting beautiful Inhaca Island with magnificent and colorful coral reefs.