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Luxury yachts for rent

Luxury yacht charters are quickly becoming a popular way to enjoy spectacular scenery, brilliant food and service, and incomparable freedom to explore exotic coastlines and ports - all safely, comfortably and in style.  Here our some of our beautiful luxury yachts for rent or charter.

If you would like information about popular charter loacations and the yachts that are available for rent in each cruising ground follow the links below:

The Mediterranean
The Caribbean
The US
The Indian Ocean


Luxury yacht rentals and charters represent a growing industry because they provide an unsurpassed taste of freedom, elegance and style. Luxury charter yachts may cost less than an exclusive hotel or cruise ship when you consider they may create accommodation and transport for 8 or more of your friends. However, unlike a cruise ship or hotel you can enjoy ultimate privacy, control and individual freedom. You and your friends will be the only guests aboard your yacht and the only ones the crew attend to. The service on yacht charters is professional, personalized and friendly. Exquisite cuisine is prepared, to your exact tastes and liking, by your own personal chef. You can dine whenever and wherever you like. Join the growing numbers who sail in absolute luxury on their vacation, when and where they command.

Luxury Motor Yachts

Luxury charter yachts vary immensely in style, taste, size and intended function. They come in the form of sailboats, motor boats, classic yachts, ultramodern, displacement or fast planning. The largest and most lavishly appointed charter boats, however, tend to be motor yachts. Motor yachts are very popular because they have all the size and stability one needs. They provide saloons decorated with fruit bowls, artwork and sculptures as well as fresh flowers. The interior saloons are spacious and tastefully decorated and the private cabins are large with individual ensuites (sometime ‘his’ and ‘hers’), which often include baths. The decks are designed with overflowing outdoor space - perfect for sunbathing, al fresco dining, entertainment and outdoor water activities.

Water Toys

Luxury boats are also usually equipped with water 'toys', for your fun and entertainment. Kayaks, windsurfers, water-ski, jet skis, and dive equipment, to name a few, are the most common. The largest superyachts also accommodate helicopters, submarine bays, gyms and cinemas. Every charter boat has its own speed boat (tender) to take guests water skiing and ferry passengers ashore or to the beach during the day, or to dine out at night.

Luxury Sailing Yachts

Luxury boat charters don't only come in the form of powerboats.  There are also many luxury sailing yachts for rent.  Marine architects and boat yards are increasingly launching larger and more comfortable sailing yachts from 35-65m and over. Fully decorated and appointed with all the toys, these sailboats are incredibly powerful, safe and majestic. They allow you to experience all the comforts of luxury yachting, with the added exhilaration of the silent sounds of the boat soaring through the waves. Luxury sailing yachts are impeccably appointed vacation machines. You need not even know how to sail. A full charter crew is appointed to sail your luxury boat, professionally and safely – your only task is to relax and enjoy yourself.

Popular Cruising Locations

Summer in the Mediterranean is definitely the most sought after yacht charter location and includes countries like Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Croatia, & Turkey. We also have great sailing and motor yacht charters in the Caribbean, the second most popular destination. The Caribbean includes the British & US Virgin Islands, St Lucia, St Barts, Grenadines, and Antigua. The well known, but more adventurous and exotic locations include the Pacific Northwest, the South Pacific, Asia and Australia & New Zealand.

We create the finest charter vacations, so please contact us for our free & friendly service.

Charter Yachts For Sale

Some of the luxury charter yachts are for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing a charter yacht, and renting it out yourself, please see the BoatWorld site which has many yachts for sale. You can also go directly to the yacht listings here.

Often rental yachts are in great working order because they are already rented out, so buying a charter yacht can be good choice. Charter yachts can also have a strong record of established income which can help if you want to finance the yacht. BoatWorld offers knowledge and advice when buying or selling any type of luxury yacht.