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England Luxury Hotels, Spas and Castles

England luxury hotels, health spas and castles located amongst vibrant cities, a pleasant green countryside, vicarages and pubs to enjoy on an exclusive luxury travel vacation. England embraces modernity with panache with fine dining, fashion, shopping and clubbing. Discover England, with more than 400 miles of spectacular coastline in the South East of the glorious country with numerous England luxury resort hotels, health spas and castles located along its dramatic coastline. Here, there are many activities and attractions for you to explore, both natural and man-made on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. You will be extremely impressed when you visit Beachy Head, a great headland that is 162 meters high and is the highest sea cliff in England. One of the major draw cards on an exclusive luxury travel vacation is the magnificent ancient Dover Castle. Furthermore, there are many magnificent England luxury resort hotels, health spas and castles, boasting legendary first-class hospitality. Exclusive England luxury resort hotels include Bovey Castle, Grosvenor House, San Domenico House, The Bath Priory, The Capital, The Grove, The Landmark, The Lowry Hotel and The Waldolf Hilton.

Exclusive England luxury resorts are located within easy reach of numerous cherished icons of a long gone era with Oxford, Eton, Tower Bridge and Stonehenge on a luxury travel holiday of England. Brighton Pier will amaze you with its rare natural beauty, superb England luxury resort hotels with superb views in the East of Sussex. You will thoroughly enjoy the sights on the southern coast of England (Sussex, Hampshire and Kent) just as you will enjoy sailing across beautiful lakes, canals and rivers along the outstanding and spectacular English Channel Coast. The Spinnaker Tower, which rises more than 170 meters above spectacular Portsmouth Harbor offers glorious views of Southeast England to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. You will certainly be amazed at the breathtaking Cliffs of Dover, which are one of England's best natural attractions that guard the country. You will enjoy the first-class level of hospitality found here in England. Experience the genuine hospitality when you stay in one of the numerous England luxury hotels, health spas and castles.

England is home to many historic buildings and homes and beautiful England luxury resort hotels, health spas and castles with lush surroundings to enjoy on an exclusive luxury travel holiday. You will enjoy taking a trip to the South East of beautiful and historic England on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Enjoy the spectacular beaches at Brighton, Winchester, Oxford and Canterbury while you stay in an England luxury resort hotel. Here, you can explore the dramatic coast on The Isle of Wright and Eastbourne. To enjoy the countryside, and escape from the bustling city life you will enjoy Kent, The River Thames and The South Downs on a luxury travel holiday. There are numerous well regarded castles in the South East of England including Arundel Castle, commonly known as a "Treasure House of England," and Carisbrooke Castle near Newport. You will be impressed when you see the largest castle in England, Dover Castle while staying in an England luxury resort. You will be equally impressed with the beautiful surroundings of Leeds Castle and Gardens located near Maidstone boasting more than 500 acres of parkland.

The climate in England is generally warm and pleasant making it an excellent luxury travel holiday destination for you to come to and getaway from it all. The climate in England is described as being mild, unpredictable, maritime and temperate with southwest winds that come from the strong North Atlantic current. England is warm over the summer months and cools down during the winter. The winters are relatively mild. It does not get any colder than 0 degrees over the winter period. It never exceeds more than 32 degrees C in the summer months in England. July is the warmest month of the year while February is the coldest.

The currency in England is the British Pound (GBP). ATM's are handily located on most central streets for your ease and convenience and are nearby all of the magnificent England luxury resort hotels.

Flying to England for an exclusive luxury travel holiday is very convenient, comfortable and stress-free. There are several international and domestic airports in the UK including London Gatwick Airport and London Heathrow Airport. All of the major England luxury resort hotels and located within easy driving reach of at least one of the international airports. The airlines serving the UK include British Airways, British Midland, Easy Jet, Ryan Air...just to name a few.