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Rome Luxury Resorts

Rome luxury resort hotels are located in a beautiful eternal city with the opulent Vatican, the timeless Forum, the spectacular Colosseum, Fiat Bambino which you can explore on an exclusive luxury travel vacation. Rome is a stunningly beautiful city rich in fine art, exquisite views, historic monuments and numerous charming Rome luxury resort hotels. There are many spectacular and awe-inspiring types of architecture in Rome which attract millions of people from right across the globe every year for luxury travel holidays. Rome is a vast, historic and independent city that was once home to Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome, and also to Romulus, who founded the bustling, historic city of Rome. The magnificent city extends over six lush green hills including Viminale, Quirinale, Esquilino, Aventino, Celio and Capitalino. Exclusive Rome luxury resort hotels include Hotel Aldrovandi Palace, The Western Excelsior and St Regis Grand.

Exclusive Rome luxury resort hotels are nestled amongst spectacular scenery including dramatic mountain ranges, beautiful beaches shrouded by turbulent history, which you can explore on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Rome offers several magnificent Rome luxury resort hotels and outstanding views from the tops of the beautiful dome of spectacular San Pieto, Pincio and Gianicolo. The city's rich history and stunning architecture will inspire and enchant you on your luxury travel vacation. North of the city of Rome, located nearby the breathtaking Vatican, are the lively neighborhoods of Mazzini, Prati and Aurelio. More elegant communities include Nomentano and Parioli, Tiburtino and Prenestino. However, you will enjoy the rich culture and the friendly cheerful locals of Rome most of all, who deliver first-class legendary hospitality on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Experience their genuine hospitality firsthand when you stay at your choice of one of the Rome luxury resort hotels sprinkled along the picturesque coastline of Rome.

You will enjoy staying at a Rome luxury resort hotel on your exclusive luxury travel holiday in Italy where you can enjoy eating a chestnut gelati. Rome is a vast, independent and charming city which is home to several Rome luxury resort hotels. The stunning architecture and rich history and culture of Rome are guaranteed to bring millions of tourists here every year for luxury travel vacations. St Lorenzo is a charming quaint district which boasts a wide array of gorgeous pizzerias, cafes, bars and Rome luxury resorts. On Quirinale proudly stands the beautiful Piazza Omonima. Idyllic Celio and beautiful Aventino are located further south in the city which make perfect luxury travel holiday spots.

Rome is the ideal luxury vacation destination with many exclusive Rome luxury resort hotels, busy intersections and lovely cafes where you can enjoy a latte. Celio is tremendously charming and lively and the home of Parco de Celio, and the spectacular Villa Celimontana, with numerous magnificent buildings sprinkled throughout the surrounding areas. The buildings include the stunning Via Appia Antica. Aventino is the home of the rich and lovely medieval monuments including the beautiful Santa Maria Basilica and numerous Rome luxury resort hotels line the gorgeous streets. Capitolino is nestled between Quirinale and Palatino and is both fascinating and breathtaking all at once. Back in Roman times this was the important political and religious centre of Rome, ideal for exploring on an exclusive luxury travel holiday. The spectacular Piazza del Campidoglio dominates the centre along with a smaller stature of the famous Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. You will enjoy visiting Trastevere, a lovely and crowded part of the gorgeous city. Trastevere is incredibly popular during the summer months. Virminale is divided in two by Via Nazionale and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. You will be impressed by a visit to Esquilino, where the famous poets (from classical times) Virgil and Orazio once lived on your exclusive luxury travel vacation of Rome.

The climate in Rome is generally very warm, sunny and pleasant making Rome an ideal luxury travel holiday location, with numerous Rome luxury resort hotels scattered along the picturesque and dramatic coastline. It is very sunny and warm in autumn and spring. The winters in the beautiful city of Rome are relatively mild with occasional heavy rain. The rain is intense but short-lived, seldom lasting more than 20 minutes in duration.

The currency in Rome is the Euro (EUR). ATM's are handily located on most central city streets for your ease and convenience and are near all of the magnificent Rome luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Rome for an exclusive luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous services that fly non-stop to and from Fiumicino Airport and Rome Ciampino Airport daily. All of the major luxury resort hotels in Rome are located within easy driving distance of at least one of the airports. The airlines serving Rome include Aer Lingus, Aegean Cronus Airlines, Aeroflot, Aerolineas Argentinas, Air Algerie and Air Alps Aviation...just to name a few.