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Luxury Health Spas

Luxury health spas offer guests exquisite accommodation, sumptuous healthy cuisine, internationally-renowned luxury health spa services, fascinating comprehensive discovery programs, fitness and well-being classes and activities. Discover how the warm embrace of a luxury health spa can rejuvenate and invigorate your mind, body and soul on your luxury travel vacation. They are a magnificent way to relax on your travel vacation and are generally located in the United States, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.

A stay at an exclusive luxury health spa will help you redefine what an ideal vacation really is - pure relaxation, encouraging and nurturing well-being in a magnificent all-encompassing luxury travel destination. The experiences can be a spiritual retreat and are designed with the intention that visitors will take their new habits home and implement them in their everyday life from your luxury travel vacation.

Little Whale CayThey offer a wide range of varied activities for you to fully immerse yourself in including fabulous hikes, walks, yoga, Pilates classes, educational classes, culinary classes, weight training, kayak and canoe outings. Not to mention personal instruction with qualified fitness professionals on your luxury travel vacation. Many luxury health spas are located on tranquil islands and remote idyllic countryside locales which aim to provide holistic wellness.

There will be excellent spa services in a beautiful haven of peace, serenity and tranquility. A health spa is nature's gift boasting unparalleled levels of comfort and beauty amongst a magnificent restful ambience. When you stay in your choice of exclusive luxury health spas you will receive individual service in your own suite.

The United States is well known for many new trendy spas such as the ultimate destination spa, Lake Austin Spa Resort Hotel. You can also pamper yourself in the Raj Vedic Health Spa. Europe is another popular luxury health spa location with the Casanova Beauty and Wellness Centre in Hotel Cipriani in Venice and Lasko Health Spa in Slovenia. Another spa in Europe is the luxury health spa, Champneys City, situated in Conrad International Brussels Hotel in Belgium. There are also some magnificent luxury health spas located in the Caribbean, Australia, South Pacific and the Mediterranean such as Angsana Resort and Spa in Cairns.

The well-renowned Lake Austin Spa Resort Hotel has been honored as a top US luxury health spa with beautiful organic gardens, terraced banks, restful waters, towering trees, verdant hillsides and delightful fragrant blooms. The resort is nestled in a special destination with a spectacular centerpiece of an idyllic, secluded lake and tranquil hill-country getaway location. Lake Austin luxury health spa is known as the ultimate destination spa, with spectacular garden views and beautiful fountain centerpiece, ideal for a travel vacation.

The popular Raj Vedic Health Spa Hotel provides a serene environment which promotes lifetime vitality, health and well-being. The Raj Vedic luxury health spa provides outstanding time tested Ayurveda procedures and remedies that address complaints and chronic disorders with a residence and home program in spectacular and stylish French styled accommodation surrounded in picturesque rolling hills and woodlands. The comprehensive programs are designed to reawaken and restore the body's natural balance and healing mechanisms. Pioneering research continues to be done on Ayurveda Approach.

Champneys City in the prestigious Conrad International Brussels Hotel in Belgium is a private and exclusive complex where you can take care of your physical and mental well-being with a magnificent fitness centre and lifestyle evaluations.

Lasko Health Spa in Slovenia offers a magnificent number of thermal springs and health and well being programmes.

The Casonova Beauty and Wellness Centre in Venice is a popular resort specializing in deep tissue massage. It is nestled amongst colorful and fragrant gardens, private terraces and offers Babor massages, cranial massages, Swedish massages and a Technogym.

The Angsana Resort and Spa located in Cairns is hidden amongst eucalyptus and palm trees with a nostalgic colonial atmosphere with magnificent spa pavilions offering massage. From the luxury spa resort you can be allured by the enchanting Great Barrier Reef.