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Brando Eco HotelNature and Safari Resorts

Luxury nature and safari resorts are a unique way to spend a luxury travel vacation.

In today’s world, many luxury resorts are challenging the ways in which things have been done in the past and are now proudly claiming to be “ecologically responsible”. Many luxury resorts now concentrate on eco-tourism and also focus on sustainability for our environment’s future. It seems many people are truly searching for the eco-experience as well as the ultimate in luxury. There is a wide range of luxury nature holidays available from responsible operators who will help you enjoy magnificent scenery, environments and wild life in luxury.

Luxury eco-lodges can be found all around the world these days mainly in secluded and remote places e.g. rainforests or on luxury private islands. Many resorts now combine their ideas and are now named for example an Eco-Spa, Eco-Chalets or Eco-Rainforest Lodges.

Luxury nature and safari resorts can provide exquisite accommodation, tasty local cuisine, experiences with local flora and fauna and luxury spa services.

One of the most popular destinations for a luxury nature or safari experience is beautiful and charming Africa. Africa has many eco-friendly luxury resorts offering eco-friendly safari adventures. These luxury locations are set amidst beautiful natural settings such as stunning wetlands, or private game reserves set in beautiful native wilderness. Luxury Africa resorts will offer five star services for your luxury vacation, in the middle of remote nature settings. Popular countries in Africa for luxury safari vacations include Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Mauritius and Mozambique just to name a few. Africa really is nature’s playground – so whether it is your honeymoon, business conference or a family holiday, we can find a luxury resort or safari to suit you. One of the more famous luxury safari resorts is Richard Branson’s Ulusaba Private Game Reserve. Here you can experience nature and wildlife combined with luxury in South Africa.

Alternatively, there are plenty of other destinations to choose from if it is a complete nature experience that you are after. Luxury nature holidays can be found in countries ranging from Australia, South America, Alaska and North America. For example, there is the DainTree Eco Lodge and Spa which is located in Northern Queensland in Australia. The Daintree Rainforest is situated near the Great Barrier Reef, and this luxury Eco Lodge provides award winning, unique tree house style accommodation right in the heart of the beautiful tropical rainforest. It also houses a world renowned Spa which provides Aboriginal inspired massages and spa therapies.