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Peninsula - HKLuxury Hotels

Luxury hotels transport you to a dream-like world, away from reality to a perfect fantasy world where you can relax on a once in a lifetime experience. They radiate a special aura of luxury with opulence, majesty and grace. On your luxury hotel vacation you will encounter the world's most extraordinary hotels which offer a truly unforgettable travel vacation experience.

Luxury hotels are found in the US, the sun-soaked Mediterranean, the breathtaking Canadian ski slopes or the lively bustling capitals of Latin America and Asia. Or you could explore beautiful old imperial palaces situated in Eastern Europe. Discover the ancient mysteries of the exotic Middle East or watch the sunset in the tropical and spectacular South Pacific.

Whether you stay in a remarkable luxury hotel on the sparkling seaside, a secluded tropical paradise island or an urban high-rise, the intangible quality of a luxury hotel makes it stand out. It is the unique alchemy or combination of picturesque locations, magnificent architecture, fabulous interior design, character and legendary genuine hospitality which magically produces a luxury hotel.

You will feel truly happy staying at a luxury hotel with that special intangible quality, backed by romantic history, which gives your luxury hotel vacation that certain extra-something special.

Luxury hotels are found in nearly every city in the entire world - Rome, Paris, Venice, Mykonos, London, Beijing, Bali, Phuket, Bangkok, Berlin, Maui to Bora Bora. In each you will find wonderful service and value. Some luxury hotels are located on tranquil, serene pristine sandy beaches, some have fantastic (health) spa pools and others are found in bustling cities or alongside famous championship luxury golf courses.

While staying in your choice of luxury hotel you can do nothing at all or you can immerse yourself in numerous activities such as swimming, playing tennis, scuba diving, hiking, horseback riding, massage treatments, saunas, spa and working out in a fitness studio.

They give visitors the pleasure of beauty that often belongs to the elite. Luxury hotels carry connotations of authenticity and individuality with their own unique brilliance. You will enjoy discovering the many culinary treats, the awakening architecture and delightful decor on your magnificent luxury travel vacation. Luxury hotels are appropriately elegant, boast intimate surroundings that will enrich the body and soul on your legendary luxury hotel vacation.

The Hotel Goldener Hirsch, in Austria, is located in the beautiful baroque center of the breathtaking City of Mozart and will enthrall you on your luxury hotel vacation. Guests always remark on the delightful romantic charm of the picturesque fifteenth-century inn with legendary hospitality and service. You will enjoy the beautiful rendezvous setting and the Goldener Hirsh restaurant.

The Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel, in Germany, is situated in the center of the commercial and financial capital. The luxury hotel is art-deco style which blends comfort, luxury and efficiency to give that special something. You will enjoy relaxing in the Balneum Romanum, a breathtaking Roman bathhouse with a magnificent swimming pool, massage treatments, whirlpools, saunas and a fantastic fitness center.

A stay in one of the world's finest luxury hotel resorts will remain firmly etched in your mind for years to come.