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Zakynthos Greece

Greece Luxury 5 star Resorts, Hotels and Villas

Greece luxury 5 star resorts, hotels and private villas are located below beautiful mountain ranges, bright islands and many ancient fragments making Greece the perfect destination for a luxury travel vacation of Southern Europe. Discover Greece on your luxury travel holiday, where ancient ruins stand alongside exclusive Greece luxury resort hotels . Here, you can take great pride in walking proudly on the very ground that Homer, Plato and Agamemnon once walked upon in the Old World. Today, Greece has numerous beautiful beaches lined with spectacular Greece resorts, hotels and private villas. On your exclusive luxury travel vacation you can explore idyllic bays, islets and coves with pristine powder-soft sand beaches, stunning blue and turquoise azure waters and topless sunbathers. On your luxury travel vacation it becomes readily apparent that Greece has been taken over by the lively modern world. It can be difficult to create the right balance between history and environment; quiet versus crowds and the balance between experiencing modern and ancient ways of life in Greece. Exclusive Greece luxury resort hotels include Aldemar Knossos Royal Village and Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare.

Greece luxury 5 star resorts, hotels and private villas are nestled amongst rare scenic beauty and impressive ancient buildings the reveal an ancient world. You will certainly be impressed by the numerous fine-art galleries and historic museums which showcase several centuries of some of the world's best fine artworks ever created on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. The superb art coupled with the fascinating historical documents are sure to invigorate you while you stay at a Greece luxury resorts, hotels and private villas. However, you will enjoy the rich culture and the legendary friendliness of the local people, who are proud to deliver first-class hospitality most of all on your Greece luxury resort vacation. Experience their genuine hospitality when you stay at your choice of one of the gorgeous Greece luxury resort hotels.

Greece luxury 5 star resort hotels are located within both beautiful ancient and modern settings. There are several tranquil and serene exclusive Greece luxury resort hotels that are sure to soothe and rejuvenate the soul with picturesque settings. The spectacular Greek Islands are definitely one of the most popular luxury travel holiday destination getaway spots located in all of Europe with beautiful Greece luxury resorts. The dramatic rugged landscape is certain to charm you, just like the Greek people and their unparalleled hospitality and service provided at the Greece luxury resorts hotels. Dancing is a major part of the Greek culture. You will enjoy whirling around beautiful terraces in the moonlight on your luxury travel vacation.

While staying at your Greece luxury 5 star resorts, hotels or private villa you will enjoy the fascinating culture and history on your luxury travel vacation. You will certainly be very impressed by a visit to the lovely ancient site of the world-famous Delphi on your luxury travel vacation. In ancient history the Greeks habitually consulted the Oracle about matters regarding the future. This is because the Greeks held the belief that the ancient Delphi was in fact the very centre of the universe. Much of Western culture's science, art, drama and philosophy have Greek origins.


The beaches in Greece are truly dream-like. Greece boasts more than 13 676 kilometers of idyllic long sandy beaches matched with crystalline waters for you to enjoy on your luxury travel vacation. Secluded bays are surrounded by enormous rugged cliff faces and towering pine tree forests and beautiful palm trees providing shade. The many Greek cosmopolitan beaches are nearby Greece luxury 5 star resorts. The main beaches are always lively with over a million visitors coming back to Greece's dream-like shores time and time again on luxury travel holidays. It is acceptable to sunbathe topless in Greece on any beach but there are also some beautiful discreet beaches for naturalists. Each of the stunning beaches boasts its own charm and rare natural beauty offering a spectacularly beautiful holiday while staying at one of the stunning Greece luxury resorts, hotels and private villas.

The climate in Greece is generally warm, sunny and pleasant making it an ideal holiday getaway spot with numerous beautiful Greece luxury resorts scattered along Greece's spectacular coastline. The Greek climate is described as mild, subtropical and Mediterranean. Greece has little regional variation in temperature with hot, dry and long summers with virtually no rainfall. The winters in Greece are relatively mild but still wet.

The currency in Greece is the Euro (EUR). ATM's are handily located on most central city streets for your ease and convenience and are situated nearby all of the magnificent Greece luxury resort hotels in Greece.

Flying to Greece on an exclusive luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and stress-free. There are numerous non-stop services that fly to and from Greece's 5 international airports including Athens, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Corfu and Heroklio. All of the major luxury resort hotels are located with an easy driving distance of at least one of Greece's international airports. The airlines serving Greece include Aegean Airlines, European Region Airlines (ERA), KLM, Olympic Airways...just to name a few.