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Tortola Luxury Resorts

Tortola luxury resorts are located on picturesque mountainous islands with beautiful coves and idyllic cays for you to enjoy on your tranquil luxury travel vacation of The British Virgin Islands. Discover Tortola, the largest island in the beautiful British Virgin Islands archipelago, with rolling green hills, gorgeous beaches and spectacular Tortola luxury resorts on the dramatic coastline. Commonly known as the "land of turtle doves," Tortola boasts pristine white powder-soft beaches and emerald and turquoise crystalline waters for you to explore on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Tortola is the commercial centre of the stunning islands located by St Thomas with exclusive luxury resorts. Tortola is known for its relaxed, charming atmosphere and because it is the sailing centre of the territory with many secluded bays, islets, coves and other island paradises. While you stay in a Tortola luxury resort, you will soon become accustomed to "island time." Exclusive Tortola luxury resorts include Guana Island, Peter Island Resort and Sugar Mill Hotel.

Exclusive Tortola luxury resorts are situated along the beautiful Anegada Passage and Drake's Channel and is an ideal luxury travel destination. Tortola is home to several magnificent Tortola luxury resort hotels that are sprinkled along the spectacular coastline boasting outstanding views of the vast ocean. You will be impressed by Tortola's Mount Sage, the highest point above sea level in the entire archipelago. From the top of Mount Sage you will get outstanding views over the bustling centre, of the lush tropical rainforest, unspoiled beaches and bays and surrounding areas and islands on your exclusive luxury travel vacation.

Tortola luxury resort hotels do not have glitzy casinos or golf courses alongside them; instead you can enjoy the many water sports on offer on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Tortola is commonly known as the land of the turtle doves, and boasts rare natural beauty and magnificent Tortola luxury resort hotels. Round town is the tropical scenic capital that is located around a beautiful yacht-filled harbor with numerous lively restaurants, bars, superb Tortola luxury resorts, designer boutique and antique stores. For the more refined, there are also fine-art galleries and museums to explore on luxury travel holidays. The remains of 18th century buildings' ruins are scattered around the gorgeous island that are sure to remind you of the sugar plantation and rum era.

You will want to return to Tortola and its spectacular Tortola luxury resorts again and again and relax and kick-back in unique, tranquil surroundings. You will enjoy immersing yourself in the lively Caribbean culture of the island and you will enjoy the friendly, cheerful and forever optimistic locals who provide legendary hospitality on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Experience their genuine hospitality when you stay in one of Tortola's luxury resort hotels situated on spectacular beaches.

The climate in Tortola is generally warm, sunny and pleasant making the island of Tortola an excellent luxury travel holiday destination with superb Tortola luxury resort hotels sprinkled along the dramatic coastline. Tortola is described as having a subtropical, hot climate with high levels of humidity which are masked by constant trade winds blowing in from the sea. The mean temperature in the summer falls between 26 to 31 degrees C and in the winter time 22 to 28 degrees C. There is some rainfall but it never lasts longer than 5-20 minutes. The rain is intense and heavy but never lasts long leaving the rest of the clear blue sky day for you to enjoy the multitude of outdoor activities on the lovely island of Tortola. The local cuisine is delightful with sumptuous fresh lobster, turtle dishes and delicious coconut curries.

The currency in Tortola is the US Dollar (USD). ATM's are handily located on most central streets for your ease and convenience and nearby all of the gorgeous Tortola luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Tortola for an exclusive luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous carriers that fly to and from Tortola's Beef Island Airport. All of the magnificent Tortola luxury resort hotels are located within easy driving distance of Beef Island Airport. The airlines that serve Tortola include LIAT, American Air, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines and British Virgin Airways...just to name a few.