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Jamaica Luxury Resorts

Jamaica luxury resort hotels, golf resorts and spas are surrounded by glimmering coastal waters, beautiful coral reefs and forests, the ideal destination for a luxury resort vacation in the Caribbean. Jamaica is a truly idyllic island situated in the vast Caribbean Sea boasting numerous spectacular Jamaica luxury beach, golf and spa resorts. In the evening, the glowing, shimmering sunsets of Jamaica are gorgeous and are one of the many allures of the island on an exclusive luxury travel holiday. The island is popular for its sweet fragrances and rhythms of reggae music which can be found all over the island on your luxury travel vacation. The local people of Jamaica are welcoming, cheerful, vivacious and engaging with a unique way of life. You will enjoy their legendary first-class hospitality when you stay at your choice of one of the Jamaica luxury resort hotels, spas or golf resorts. Experience their genuine hospitality when you stay at your choice of one of the Jamaica luxury resort hotels. Jamaica luxury resorts include Round Hill Hotel and Villas, The Grand Lido Sans Souci and Sandals Dunn?s River Golf Resort and Spa.

Jamaica luxury resort hotels are nestled amongst rare natural scenic beauty providing a beautiful background for an exclusive luxury travel vacation. The alluring pristine white powder-soft beaches with gorgeous emerald and turquoise waters and exclusive luxury resort hotels line the dramatic coastline. The beautiful beaches, islets and coves are surrounded by lush green vegetation and sparkling blue waterfalls which will enchant you on your luxury travel holiday.

The island is a vacation paradise with stunning Jamaica luxury resort hotels, located just back from the stretches of soft white sand and azure waters. Today, the spectacular northern and eastern coastlines are commercialized; however, other areas of the delightful tropical island remain unspoiled but are becoming more and more popular for travel vacation holidays. Jamaica is both beautiful and colorful and the recent commercialization has not managed to spoil Jamaica somehow. The natural physical beauty of Jamaica and the exciting, vibrant culture, including reggae music and its magnificent Jamaica luxury resorts, are among of Jamaica's many allures and among the country's greatest assets.

Jamaica is home to many dazzling Jamaica luxury resort hotels and is a breathtakingly beautiful luxury travel holiday spot. The island of Jamaica conjures up images of lush emerald rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, beautiful crystal-clear streams and gorgeous white, powder-soft sand beaches with sparkling waters of hues of deep greens and blues. The legendary reggae music is at the essence of Jamaican culture. You will enjoy a bamboo raft ride down the Great River, and spending hours perusing the Crafts Markets in beautiful Montego Bay while stay in an exclusive Jamaica luxury resort hotel.

Jamaica luxury resort hotels belong to a very culturally rich island of rare unparalleled natural beauty. You will love mingling with the friendly, cheerful people and discovering the lush, picturesque countryside on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. The Jamaican people are a fascinating blend of African and Indian and other Creole cultures that are always optimistic, cheerful and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. You will enjoy the reggae music and want to revisit Jamaica's picturesque shores time and time again and stay in a Jamaica luxury resort hotel.

The climate in Jamaica is generally warm, sunny and pleasant making Jamaica the ideal luxury travel vacation spot. Jamaica's climate is generally described as tropical, maritime, hot and humid. Jamaica's climate is one of its strongest allures, as it has a constant, warm and hot temperature all year long along with its cool reggae music. However, it can be cooler in central areas. Between the months of May and November that are occasional short, heavy showers. These showers never last long, leaving you to explore Jamaica's multitude of attractions, before retiring to your Jamaica luxury resort hotel room to enjoy a crisp wine. The wettest time, with the heaviest rain, is between September and October. Relatively few hurricanes hit Jamaica.

The currency in Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar (JMD). ATM's are handily located on most of the central streets of the city for your ease and convenience and are located nearby many of the spectacular Jamaica luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Jamaica for a luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and stress-free. There are numerous airline services that fly to and from Norman Manley International Airport. The luxury resort hotels are located within an easy 20 minute drive to the Norman Manley Airport. The airlines that provide a non-stop service to and from Jamaica include Air Jamaica, the Air Jamaica Express, Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta Airlines...just to name a few.