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St Thomas Luxury Resorts

St Thomas luxury resort hotels are surrounded by breathtaking turquoise seas below lush green mountains and a beautiful irregular coastline with numerous idyllic coves, bays and spectacular sandy beaches in the Caribbean. Discover beautiful St Thomas that boasts a distinctly cosmopolitan atmosphere with numerous spectacular St Thomas luxury resorts lining its spectacular coastline to enjoy exploring on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. The lively capital of the US Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie, boasts the most frequently visited harbor and port in the Caribbean with outstanding natural beauty. You can immerse yourself in the fascinating culture in Charlotte Amalie with sophisticated elegant dining, vibrant nightlife, lovely St Thomas luxury resorts, superb duty-free shopping and designer stores on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. In fact, the city of Charlotte Amalie has an international reputation as being the finest shopping Mecca in all of the Caribbean. Exclusive St Thomas luxury resort hotels include Marriott Frenchman?s Reef and Morning Star Beach Resort, Renaissance Grand Beach Resort and The Ritz-Carlton.

Exclusive St Thomas luxury resort hotels are located on a 13 mile long island which is less than 3 miles in width which you can explore on your luxury travel holiday. The pristine white power-soft beaches combined with the stunning turquoise and emerald colored warm waters make St Thomas an idyllic luxury travel holiday destination with superb St Thomas luxury resorts to match. Match this with being a shopping Mecca and the legendary friendliness and hospitality of the welcoming locals and you will never want to leave your luxury travel vacation St Thomas. Experience the genuine hospitality firsthand when you stay in your choice of one of the magnificent St Thomas luxury resorts boasting outstanding views of the dazzling ocean outstretched for miles before you. St Thomas is becoming increasingly popular luxury travel destination and is drawing people from all over the globe with its gorgeous beaches and spectacular St Thomas luxury beach resorts lining the coastline.

St Thomas luxury resort hotels offer superb facilities for tennis, golf and many water-sports as well as intimate boutiques selling perfume and jewelry. St Thomas is a shopping Mecca, and is home to several St Thomas luxury resorts and boasts rare natural beauty. St Thomas is a mountainous island with lush scenery all year round making it a fantastic luxury travel holiday destination. There are many spectacular vistas sprinkled throughout the dream-like island to explore while staying in a St Thomas luxury resort hotel. The energy and life of Charlotte Amalie contrasts sharply with the stunningly beautiful, tranquil and serene Magens Bay. Picturesque Magens Bay offers outstanding views of the Caribbean Sea from over 1 500 feet high above sea level. Charlotte Amalie is the busiest port in the entire Caribbean with superb St Thomas luxury resort hotels. You will also be impressed by a visit to Drake's Seat that boasts some of the most spectacular vistas found in the entire world.

You can either laze around in your St Thomas luxury resort or involve yourself fully in the magnificent array of fantastic activities and attractions found on the spectacular island on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. You will enjoy Mahogany Run course, swimming, snorkeling, diving, sport fishing and golfing on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. The choice is entirely yours. St Thomas is extremely well-renowned for its fantastic world-class yachting and is a shopping Mecca.

The climate in St Thomas is generally warm, pleasant and sunny making St Thomas an ideal luxury travel holiday vacation with superb St Thomas luxury resorts boasting unparalleled views. St Thomas is characterized by warm weather and plenty of sun and moderated by cooling trade winds off the Caribbean Sea. The climate is described as tropical with a mean temperature of approximately 30 degrees C. There is very little variation between seasons. The winter months are sunny and hot and a lot less humid than the summer months but that is the only difference. Just about all of the restaurants and shopping plazas here are air-conditioned here to offer relief from the high humidity. Trade winds on the spectacular white sand beaches will also cool you down. Inland is also a little bit cooler. There is no rainy season in St Thomas.

The currency in beautiful St Thomas is the US Dollar (USD). Foreign currency can easily be exchanged at most of the major banks in St Thomas. ATM's are handily located on most central streets for your ease and convenience and are nearby all of the spectacular St Thomas luxury resort hotels on the gorgeous island luxury travel getaway.

Flying to St Thomas for an exclusive luxury travel holiday is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous carriers that fly non-stop to and from Cyril E King Airport, the only airport in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. All of the magnificent St Thomas luxury resorts are within easy driving distance of Cyril E King Airport. The airlines that serve St Thomas include American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airways and US Airways, Air St Thomas and Air Sunshine...just to name a few.