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Bermuda Luxury Resorts

Bermuda luxury resorts are located on extraordinarily beautiful reefs, warm crystalline waters and magnificent sunsets making it an excellent luxury travel holiday destination area in North America. Discover Bermuda, Britain's oldest and most treasured colony with dazzling sandy pink beaches, exclusive Bermuda luxury resorts and gorgeous emerald and turquoise seas. Bermuda is home to several magnificent Bermuda luxury resort hotels and quaint colonial towns which are rich in culture for you to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. You can choose from the following exclusive Bermuda luxury resorts that include The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, The Elbow Beach Club Resort and the Mandarin Oriental Resort.

Bermuda luxury resort hotels are surrounded by the island's azure waters are superb for diving, snorkeling and swimming enthusiasts to enjoy on an exclusive luxury travel vacation. However, the island is known to have been called "Devil's Island," by sailors long ago. Today, it is difficult to see why it gained this name but it’s extremely shallow waters of hues of blue and green, caused numerous shipwrecks. However, Bermuda is far more than just an idyllic luxury travel vacation destination with dream-like beaches, azure-waters and stunning Bermuda luxury resorts. Bermuda is now also a developing centre of high finance as satellite communications have allowed many corporations to set up business on the lively, bustling island. This has made the Bermuda one of the richest countries, per capita, found worldwide with many Bermuda luxury resorts.

Bermuda luxury resorts are located in a magnificent archipelago with magnificent topography, ideal for an exclusive luxury travel vacation. Bermuda holds on to its treasured colonial influences with its white stepped roofs, pastel walls and fine European china. Bermuda is a breathtakingly beautiful archipelago that consists of over 200 spectacular coral islands, coves and inlets, with several magnificent Bermuda luxury resorts nestled upon them. The stunning islands are situated 1 045 kilometers off the gorgeous east coast of the US, in the vast Atlantic Sea, the perfect place for an exclusive luxury travel vacation. The magnificent mainland comprises of seven beautiful main islands that are linked together by several bridges and causeways and stretches across 32 kilometers from one end to the other.

Many visitors return time and time again to the island’s superb Bermuda luxury resort hotels. The islands' strong English influence, from colonial times, pervades the islands. However, Bermuda's influences are both European and American mixed with the fantastic island culture producing a fascinating and very distinct atmosphere to Bermuda. This is why numerous tourists come back to Bermuda year after year and book their Bermuda luxury resort room well in advance for an exclusive luxury travel vacation.

Once named “Devil’s Island,” Bermuda is home to several magnificent Bermuda luxury beach resorts that enrapture visitors, British architecture and surrounding gorgeous scenery. Bermuda was formed by an underwater volcanic eruption years ago but has overcome its tumultuous beginnings and now is a peaceful luxury travel holiday location nestled between the dazzling emerald and turquoise waters. The azure waters match the gorgeous, pristine soft-sand beaches with cool-green waves, islands, islets and spectacularly beautiful Bermuda luxury resort hotels scattered along the coastline.

The climate in Bermuda is very warm, sunny and pleasant making Bermuda an ideal luxury travel holiday spot where you can stay one of the many impressive Bermuda luxury resort hotels on the island. Bermuda's mild climate has very few extremes of hot or cold weather or seasonal variation. In winter the mean temperature is 20 degrees C and in summer 30 degrees C. The ideal time to come to Bermuda is between the months of April and October when the ocean temperature is ideal for swimming. There can be short, heavy, occasional showers throughout the year. The showers never last long so there will be plenty of time to relax, kick-back and enjoy a crisp wine in the beautiful outdoor setting with British influences outside your Bermuda luxury resort hotel, surrounded by lush vegetation.

The currency in Bermuda is the Bermudan Dollar (BMD). ATM's are handily located on most downtown streets for your ease and convenience and are located nearby many of the magnificent Bermuda luxury resort hotels on the island. However, the US Dollar is accepted in most stores, restaurants and Bermuda luxury resort hotels making your luxury travel holiday completely hassle-free.

Flying to Bermuda for a luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and stress-free. There are numerous airline services that fly non-stop to and from Bermuda International Airport, situated in St Georges. Bermuda International Airport is located, 16 kilometers, north of the islands is within easy reach from all of the beautiful Bermuda luxury beach resorts. The airlines providing services to Bermuda International Airport include American Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Airways...just to name a few.