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Bequia Luxury Resorts

Bequia luxury resorts are located on an exquisite Caribbean Island that is an excellent luxury travel holiday destination with unique charm and a famous yachting anchorage. Discover tropical Bequia, home to 5000 diverse people and Bequia luxury beach resorts on a 7 square mile island. In Bequia you can experience a “real” Caribbean Island on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Bequia is located in the southern-most part of the beautiful Caribbean chain of idyllic islands, commonly known as the spectacular Windward Islands with exclusive Bequia luxury resort hotels. Bequia boasts pristine white powder-soft sand beaches and gorgeous emerald and turquoise pristine waters, which gently lap the shore for you to enjoy on an exclusive Bequia luxury travel vacation. The island is characterized by coral reefs and beaches, beautiful crystalline waters, spectacular Bequia luxury resort hotels and superb underwater wildlife. Exclusive Bequia luxury resorts include Keegan’s Beach Resort and Grenadines Hotel.

Bequia luxury resort hotels provide stunning views of Bequia which is undeveloped, unspoiled, relaxed and quiet with a wide variety of exciting attractions and activities to keep you extremely busy for an entire week. At Lower Bay Beach there is live music every Sunday in summer, friendly volleyball games and elegant restaurants serving delicious cuisine to enjoy on an exclusive luxury travel vacation.

Bequia luxury resort hotels allow you to experience the "real" Caribbean Islands in style. You can choose from The Grenadines Hotel or one of the numerous beautiful Beachfront Villas in Bequia. In Bequia you can sail through azure Caribbean waters to yet another stunning Grenadines island or sail to beautiful St Vincent, which is less than an hour away on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. You will be extremely impressed with a trip to the film set of Pirates of the Caribbean that was set at St Vincent and the Grenadines while staying in a Bequia luxury resort hotel.

Diving enthusiasts will enjoy Bequia while staying in a magnificent Bequia luxury resort hotel. The diving at Bequia is excellent, boasting some of the clearest water in the world. You will also enjoy visiting Moonhole, a beautiful complex of ancient stone dwellings and the old sugar mill and Turtle Sanctuary in the north of the spectacular island on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. At the end of an adventure-packed day you can enjoy a crisp wine in the lush surroundings of your Bequia luxury resort hotel room.

Bequia is home to numerous excellent Bequia luxury resort hotels that are located close to the beaches and spectacular harbor, where you can experience “real” Caribbean Island life. Whaling and boat building are traditional trades in beautiful Bequia which you can experience on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. You can still see numerous colorful Bequia fishing and sailing boats in stunning Port Elizabeth close to the main harbor of the spectacular island.

Magnificent Bequia luxury resorts attract sailors to the island’s picturesque shores. The constant, steady winds are excellent for windsurfing and sailing on exclusive luxury travel vacations. You will enjoy a charter cruise round the island and to the other Grenadine islands. Here, in Bequia there are more than a dozen pristine beaches with beautiful crystal clear waters and own distinct character which make it always inviting. You will also enjoy the challenge of climbing Mt Souffriere, marveling in awe at the stunning Falls of Baleine and going for a hike in the Vermont Valley rainforest on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. There are plenty of pristine reefs for you to explore at your own pace at the National Undersea Park that have scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts excited. There are many great restaurants on the beautiful island serving sumptuous cuisine, stylish boutiques and several magnificent Bequia luxury resort hotels on this “real” Caribbean Island.

The climate in Bequia is generally warm, sunny and pleasant making it the ideal luxury travel holiday destination, with its excellent Bequia luxury resort hotels. The weather is described as tropical with daytime average temperatures between 24 degrees C and 32 degrees C all year round making the weather conditions almost ideal throughout the year. In the winter, between January to March, it can get as low as 21 degrees C. Conversely it may get as hot as 34 degrees C in summer. Bequia is too far south to receive hurricanes and a safe holiday spot. Any time of the year is good to visit on an exclusive luxury travel vacation.

The currency in Bequia is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (ECD). ATM's are handily located on most downtown streets for your ease and convenience and are located nearby many of the Bequia luxury resorts. Most taxis and businesses; however, will accept US Dollars. Credit cards are accepted at restaurants, luxury resort hotels and some stores in Bequia.

Flying to Bequia on an exclusive luxury resort vacation is very convenient, comfortable and stress-free. There are several airlines that provide excellent services when flying to Bequia. Most people take an international flight directly into Barbados' Grantley Adams International Airport and then take a domestic flight to Bequia. The airlines serving the US and Canada include American Airlines, US Air, Air Canada, Air Jamaica…just to name a few. The airlines serving Europe are British Airways and Virgin Airlines.