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Barbados Luxury Resorts

Barbados luxury resort hotels are located on a quiet and elegant Caribbean Island with natural grace which resembles the picturesque English countryside which you can enjoy discovering on a luxury travel vacation. Discover tropical Barbados, a lively, diverse and breathtaking island located in the Caribbean with numerous Barbados luxury beach resorts on its pristine white sand shores surrounded by emerald and turquoise waters. Barbados is commonly regarded as the "pearl of the Caribbean," and is actually a breathtakingly beautiful ancient and large coral reef that was originally formed about one million years ago. The island is pear-shaped, and stretches endlessly across 32 kilometers of stunning coral, permeated by crystalline waters and fascinating underwater caverns which is ideal for exploring on an exclusive luxury travel vacation. Barbados has also been called "the real fantasy island," and this attests to its beautiful appellation boasting glorious, exotic Barbados luxury resorts and spectacular beaches. Exclusive Barbados luxury resorts include Cobbers Cove, Coral Reef Club, Glitter Bay and Royal Pavilion Resort.

Exclusive Barbados luxury resort hotels are situated near many stately homes, beautiful gardens, and magnificent historic sites in the easternmost part of the Caribbean. Barbados, the “pearl of the Caribbean,” is home to many excellent Barbados luxury resort hotels boating unsurpassed hospitality. The island offers a wide variety of attractions and outdoor pursuits from superb submarine tours to jeep rides and safari tours. But wait, there's more. There are also helicopter tours, heritage trails and several magnificent fine-dining restaurants to enjoy while staying at a Barbados luxury resort hotel. Barbados is an extremely desirable luxury travel vacation destination, with cheerful and vivacious people who deliver first-class quality hospitality.

Barbados luxury resort hotels are fringed by very attractive beaches, calm waters, beautiful coral reefs – in all, ideal for a luxury travel vacation of the Caribbean. Experience the genuine hospitality of the island's people, who call themselves "Bajans," while staying at one of the excellent Barbados resort hotels on the stunning island. The population is predominantly West Indian and shaped by English culture and customs from the colonial days and sugar plantations. In fact, Barbados is often called "Little England." The European influences are clear and strong and pervade most of the lively, fascinating island with many beautiful Anglican stone churches and lovely village greens the locals play friendly games of cricket on. With more than 340 days of sunshine a year and spectacular and enticing coral reefs that appear to envelope the island, Barbados is a popular tourist spot for relaxing luxury travel holidays while staying at one of the many beautiful holiday luxury resorts.

The climate in Barbados is generally warm, sunny and pleasant making it an ideal luxury travel vacation location for a holiday in the Caribbean with many magnificent Barbados luxury beach resort hotels. The weather is described as being tropical and the rainy season is between June and October with spectacular rainstorms but they are usually short spells with heavy rain. The dry season is from January to June and the hurricane season is from June to October. However, hurricanes generally bypass Barbados. The mean temperature falls between 24 and 29 degrees C. The conditions in Barbados are hot but are tempered by cool, northeast trade winds providing a cool breeze all year round making Barbados hot yet pleasant. Barbados is therefore the perfect luxury travel holiday destination to sip a crisp glass of wine in the comfort of your beautiful Barbados luxury resort hotel room.

The currency in Barbados is the Barbadian Dollar (BBD). ATM's are handily located on most downtown streets for your ease and convenience. ATM's are located nearby many of the impressive Barbados luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Barbados for an exclusive luxury travel holiday is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous aircraft services that provide an excellent non-stop service to and from Barbados Adams International Airport daily. The airport is located within easy driving distance of the major Barbados luxury resort hotels. The airlines that provide this service include American Airlines, Air Jamaica, Air Canada, British Airways, LIAT, Virgin Atlantic...just to name a few.