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Mustique Luxury Resorts

Mustique luxury resorts are surrounded by pristine sandy beaches, peaceful settings on an indulgent island that is ideal for an exclusive luxury travel vacation in the picturesque West Indies. Mustique is a sophisticated, gorgeous island that is 3 miles wide by 1 mile, boasting spectacular Mustique luxury resorts, a gentle landscape and lifestyle. The island is secluded, stunningly beautiful, sophisticated and an elegant private retreat. One of the major draw cards to Mustique is Macaroni Beach, which is considered one of the finest beaches in the world to visit on an exclusive luxury travel holiday. You will enjoy immersing yourself in the rich culture and mixing with the warm, friendly locals who pride themselves on delivering legendary first-class hospitality. Experience their genuine hospitality when you stay in one of the Mustique luxury resort hotels. Mustique luxury resort hotels include The Cotton House.

Mustique luxury resort hotels are located amongst picturesque scenery with swaying palm trees and glimmering turquoise waters. The beautiful island boasts numerous green, rolling hills with white powder-soft sand with stunning turquoise and emerald azure waters lying in front of gorgeous Mustique luxury resort hotels. The picturesque island is situated in the Northern Grenadines, 110 miles west of Barbados, over 10 miles from Bequia and only 18 miles south of St Vincent. The island comprises of more than 1350 acres with seven lush valleys and secluded beaches, islets and coves for you to explore on your exclusive luxury travel vacation.

You will thoroughly enjoy your stay in a Mustique luxury resort hotel on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. You can enjoy a wide range of activities in Mustique while staying at one of the Mustique luxury resort hotels. There are seven stunning large beaches on the island where you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, horseback riding and fishing including the world-famous Macaroni Beach on your luxury travel vacation. There is myriad of colorful wildlife on this tranquil sophisticated island boasting beautiful Mustique luxury beach resorts. The island is surrounded by a gorgeous series of coral reefs on the beautiful 12 mile coastline of the island. Mustique is privately owned and this beautiful Grenadine Isle attracts elite people, including royalty with numerous palatial estates. Sailing excursions to nearby islands can easily be arranged if you so desire on your exclusive luxury travel vacation.

Mustique is home to numerous stylish and sophisticated Mustique luxury beach resorts. The many elegant Mustique luxury resorts are surrounded pure white sand beaches and warm waters that are perfect for relaxation, recuperation while you experience the island's unique atmosphere and way of life. The west shoreline boasts stunning thick tropical forest and palm-fringed white sandy beaches for you to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation.

Mustique luxury resort hotels boast beautifully decorated interiors and spectacular surroundings. The surf and strong currents and waves and the beaches are ideal for picnic lunches or romantic dinners, nearby lovely Mustique resort hotels on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. There are many trail walks around this idyllic island where you are sure to find tranquility and serenity with uncrowded beaches. There are a couple of stylish, sophisticated and cute boutiques, a superb ice-cream parlor and a world-renowned restaurant called Basil's Bar and Restaurant. The restaurant is famous for serving sumptuous cuisine and offering sunset candlelit dinners all year round, overlooking the bay of the beautiful island.

Mustique luxury resort hotels conjure up rich images of long power-sort beaches, natural beauty, sophistication, elegance and exclusivity. The luxury resorts have fantastic views of the vast, sparkling crystalline waters around the island for you to enjoy on your luxury travel vacation. One of the finest beaches is called Macaroni beach that is located on the Atlantic Sea side of the island. The island has many coconut and hibiscus trees on this secure, tranquil and pristine island. You are sure to be impressed with a trip to beautiful Lagoon Bay that is on the stunning southwestern tip of the island.

The climate in Mustique is generally warm, sunny and pleasant, making the island the ideal luxury travel holiday destination with its magnificent and sophisticated Mustique luxury beach resorts that line the dramatic coastline. The mean temperature in Mustique is between 18 and 32 degrees C. The island lies near the equator and so it has a constant tropical temperature all year round with its fantastically steady climate. The rainy season is from late May to mid-November. Any time is a great time to visit Mustique as it is too far south to get hit by hurricanes. However, there is spectacular flora and fauna between the months of June and August.

The currency in Mustique is Eastern Caribbean (EC) Dollars. ATM's are handily located on most central streets for your ease and convenience and are located nearby many of the magnificent Mustique luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Mustique on an exclusive luxury travel holiday is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous airlines that fly to and from Mustique Airport, located in Saint Vincent. The airport is within easy driving distance of all of the magnificent luxury resort hotels on the spectacular island. The airlines that serve the island include SVG Air, Caribbean Star, LIAT, Mustique Airways, Trans Island Airways and American Airlines... just to name a few.