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Botswana Luxury Resorts

Botswana luxury resorts are located amongst striking diverse scenery  spectacular waterways, wetlands, and vast spaces - all waiting for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation of Southern Africa. Botswana is commonly regarded as  Africa's Success Story, since its independence in 1966 with its stunning natural beauty and magnificent Botswana luxury resort hotels. Botswana is a land of stark contrasts, from its modern buildings, to the waterways and wetlands of the Okarango Delta to the vast open spaces of the Makgadikgadi Pans for you to explore on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. It is a country of adventure and discovery with mokoro (dug out canoes) trails up stunning waterways; overnight camping on highlands; admiring the diverse range of native wildlife and beautiful plant life in pristine wilderness. Exclusive Botswana luxury resorts include Chobe Chilwero Lodge, Gaborone Sun Hotel, Khwai River Lodge and Haina Safari Lodge.

Exclusive Botswana luxury resort hotels are nestled amongst breathtaking natural scenery for you to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Botswana is a superb luxury travel holiday destination with numerous Botswana luxury resort hotels sprinkled throughout the country's spectacular scenery. The most striking feature of the area is its aridity and flatness. With the exception of the eastern most section of Botswana, where the summer rainfall is slightly higher, three quarters of Botswana is dessert land.

Botswana,  Africa's Success Story, is home to several exclusive Botswana luxury resort hotels providing excellent hospitality and service. On your luxury travel vacation you will enjoy visiting the Okarango Delta is truly remarkable, a spectacular wetland within a dessert, getting its waters from rain that falls in central Africa, which is over 1000 kilometres away. With an area of 581 730 square kilometres, Botswana is virtually the same size as France, Texas or Kenya; however, more sparsely populated. Botswana is located in the middle of Southern Africa, is a landlocked country and is bordered by South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The region lies about 950 metres above sea level and is more than 600 kilometres from the nearest coast.

Botswana's treasure is the spectacular Okarango Delta with numerous exclusive Botswana luxury resort hotels. You will enjoy visiting the Okarango Delta on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. The Okarango Delta is an enchanting, moving, placid and mysterious labyrinth of lagoons, hidden channels and beautiful lakes that cover an area of more than 17 000 square kilometres and is the largest island delta found worldwide. It is its most impressive in August when the champagne coloured waters are at there deepest. Instead of the waters flowing into the sea, the annual flood of fresh waters flowing inland spread more than 15 000 kilometres squared of the Kalahari sand in a maze of beautiful channels and pretty lagoons. This unique area attracts wildlife easily being trapped in the parched Kalahari sands that depend on the permanent waters of the successive lagoons and islets, open grasslands and flooded plains of this superb island delta.

Botswana offers a myriad of outdoor activities and attractions, located within easy reach of your exclusive Botswana luxury resort hotels. Indeed, the countless islands give rise to several diverse and interesting ecosystems that are home to abundance of game and a myriad of birds. On your exclusive luxury travel vacation, you will enjoy seeing young wildlife is born between November and March when there is plenty of lush, comfortable vegetation. The lagoons are also home to hippos, crocodiles, the permanent waters attract waterfowl and Sitatunga can be tracked silently by mokoro. From October to March, the waters subside and huge plains stretch for miles upon miles and on your exclusive luxury travel holiday you can see wildlife in their natural habitat. Cheetahs, lions and leopards can be found as well as zebras and wildebeest. Above dense canopies of ancient indigenous towering tress and palms throw their welcomed shade over crystal clear water pools, which support many kinds of fish, grassy knolls and forest glades.

You will enjoy staying in an exclusive Botswana luxury resort hotel on your luxury travel vacation. Jao Camp is a fairytale lodge located within Jao Reserve, an area of 60 000 hectares, in the west of Botswana's Okarango Delta with magnificent Botswana luxury resort hotels. It is built on a private reserve bordering the Moremi Game Reserve, on a remote large oval-shaped island. The activities available at Jao Camp on your exclusive luxury travel holiday include dining under the stars - outdoor  kgotla, boat fishing, day and night game drivers, guided walks and mokoro excursions.

The climate in Okarango has extreme contrasts in the seasons. The area is extremely seasonal and the annual flood transforms the habitat from dry green open plains in summer to hollow flood plains in the winter. From about May to late September, the floods arrive and the floodplains fill up with crystal clear waters. From October to April, the flood levels drop and the floodplains turn into Savannah grasslands. The temperature varies from 14-35 degrees.

The currencies accepted in Botswana are US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro and South African Rand Cash. Traveller's cheques in any of the above currencies are also acceptable. ATM's are handily located nearby the exclusive Botswana luxury resort hotels.

On your exclusive luxury travel vacation, access to the heart of the Okarango Delta is only by aircraft. It is an exclusive luxury travel holiday destination, which remains sparsely populated and wild. The major airlines include Air Botswana, Air Zimbabwe, Air Namibia, British Airways/ Comair, Qantas and SAA& just to name a few of the major players that make travelling to Botswana for an exclusive luxury travel holiday comfortable, hassle-free and convenient.