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Seychelles Luxury Resorts

Seychelles luxury resorts are nestled amongst breathtakingly beautiful scenery with pristine beaches and turquoise waters just waiting for you to explore on your exclusive luxury travel vacation of the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Visit the home of the coco de mer, or double coconut in the heavenly setting of the Seychelles islands and enjoy the warm and cheerful temperament of its people while you stay in your choice of the Seychelles luxury resort hotels on the picturesque island. Seychelles, once thought to be the Garden of Eden, is a haven of virtually untouched and unspoilt nature and beauty, with high standards, just waiting for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation. Discover for yourself the ultimate paradise of beautiful turquoise blues of the transparent ocean and the lush green luxuriant vegetation of the Seychelles Republic, which comprises of an archipelago of 115 tropical islands, scattered over 1400 000 square kilometres deep in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Seychelles luxury resorts include the Lemuria Resort of Praslin.

Exclusive Seychelles luxury resorts are the ideal exclusive luxury destination to relax and unwind. Explore the gorgeous amber fine sandy beaches with beachside Seychelles luxury resorts on its pristine islands, which fall into 2 distinct groups, the Inner and Outer Islands. The rocky and hilly Inner Islands comprise of 41 granitic islands, which form a cluster around the major islands of Mahe, La Digue and Praslin and each have narrow coastal strips with elevated reefs. The 2 spectacular coral islands are Denis and Bird Island. The other 72 low-lying islands are known as the Outer Islands and they extend in a dazzling arc towards the African coastline for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation.

You will enjoy staying in a Seychelles luxury resort on your luxury travel holiday. The Seychelles islands lie in the westernmost part of the Ocean, 1593 east of Mombasa, Kenya and north of Madagascar and boast spectacular Seychelles luxury resort hotels. The islands are also located 8000 kilometres from Europe and boast an astonishing range of fauna and flora, untouched forests and more marine and natural parks than anywhere else boasts in the world. There are more than 800 species of fish, giant turtles and flocks of brightly coloured birds found on the island which you will enjoy on your luxury travel holiday. This attests to wonder of this unspoilt natural environment, which has an abundance of fruits, native plants and rare varieties of trees. The most common trees are the coconut palm and casuarinas as well as other such as banyans, tortoise trees and the giant bois de fer. With more than half of its landmass devoted to natural reserves, Seychelles remains a pristine sanctuary of natural beauty and diversity for you to explore while staying at your magnificent Seychelles luxury resort hotel.

The Seychelles islands were once thought to be the Garden of Eden, with its tranquillity, diversity and the ultimate in tropical beauty, purity, magic and Seychelles luxury resorts. The islands boast refreshingly uncrowded, pristine and immaculate beaches with miles upon miles of soft white sand for you to enjoy on your luxury travel vacation. The beaches are thought to be among the best in the world. Dramatic granite rocks that appear to have been hand-sculpted surround the celebrated Anse Source d'Argent, on La Digue.

Other islands provide sublime opportunities to relax for hours under beautiful takamaka, or palm trees, or to enjoy the enticing azure waters of secluded islets and bays while staying in your spectacular Seychelles luxury resort hotel. The warm waters gently caress its diverse and tranquil islands with exotic hideaways on your luxury travel vacation. You will also be enchanted and impressed by the preserved old Creole-style plantation houses, a must see!

The Seychelles archipelago is located within 4 degrees and 10 degrees south of the Equator and is home to exclusive Seychelles luxury resort hotels. The glorious climate of the Seychelles islands is generally warm, humid and tropical with two distinct seasons. Seychelles is lucky enough to be situated just outside the cyclone belt and boasts stable weather all year long with a maximum temperature of 29 degrees and at least 12 hours of sunshine daily. Between May and September, southeast trade winds bring cooler temperatures, lower humidity and less rain. From November to March, northwest monsoons bring a lot of rain, with 80 percent humidity and generally warmer temperatures. The heaviest rainfall occurs on the islands between mid-December and mid-January. Between the periods of April and October, the island is fairly hot, with just gentle breezes, if at all and calm waters.

Seychelles has a population of 73 000 and the languages spoken on the Seychelles islands are English, French and French Creole. Creole cuisine includes rice and fish such as the barracuda, octopus, kingfish, squid and shark which you can enjoy on your Seychelles luxury resort holiday.

The currency in Seychelles is the Seychelles Rupee (SCR). Visas are not required for most visitors.

Flights to and from Seychelles for luxury travel vacations are convenient and hassle-free. The national airline of the Republic of Seychelles is called Air Seychelles. It was officially created in 1978 as a domestic airline with international flights beginning in 1983 with a first weekly flight to Europe: Seychelles to Frankfurt to London. Now, Air Seychelles operates to 7 major flight destinations on three different continents of the world including Frankfurt, Johannesburg, London, Mauritius, Paris (shared with Air France), Rome and Singapore.