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Kenya Luxury Resorts

Kenya luxury resorts are located amongst snow capped mountains, spectacular coastlines and savannah grasslands - a diverse landscape - ideal for an exclusive luxury travel vacation of Africa. Discover stunning Kenyan landscapes and experience the excellent hospitality found in Kenya luxury resort hotels, nestled within enchanting mountain scenery, sweeping plains, mangrove swamps, dramatic coastline, rocky islets and palm trees. Here, the many secluded beaches with Kenya luxury resort hotels are protected from ocean waves by extensive barrier reefs and coral fringes. Exclusive Kenya luxury resorts include the magnificent Fairview Hotel and the lovely Palacina Hotel in Nairobi for you to enjoy on your luxury travel holiday.

Exclusive Kenya luxury resorts are popular for luxury travel vacations of Africa. Smaller than the state of Texas, yet larger than France, Kenya is world famous for its beaches and beachside Kenya luxury resorts, spectacular deserts, snow capped mountains and sandy coastlines. Not to mention savannah grasslands, freshwater lakes, extinct volcanoes and beautiful coral reefs. From the east of the region to the west, you can see the pristine, white sandy beaches of the vast Indian Ocean to the mile-high plateau of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Further still, you can climb higher to the spectacular snow-capped summit of Mt Kenya, and marvel at the awe-inspiring Great Rift Valley and Lake Victoria. Kenya's raw, natural beauty and spectacular coastal and inland Kenya luxury resort hotels are sure to enchant you with their truly magnificent views, sheer elegance, style and quiet sophistication on your luxury travel holiday. The beauty of Kenya will astound the most seasoned visitors, as Kenya is synonymous with beautiful landscapes and exclusive Kenya luxury resorts.

You will enjoy staying in an exclusive Kenya luxury resort on your luxury travel vacation. On a delightful luxury travel vacation in Kenya, you can expect to discover first-hand the magical Kenyan countryside by day, and when the sun sets, hazily retire to one of the many nearby Kenya luxury resorts in the evening. The Kenya countryside boasts dramatic, jagged mountains, fertile soil agriculture belts that surround the beautiful Lake Turkana and dusty desert savannah regions. Stay in a Kenya luxury resort hotel in this area and experience the first-class hospitality making Kenya the ideal luxury travel holiday destination.

The Kenyan coastline is broken and comprises of stunning, soft sand beaches, lovely beachside Kenya luxury resorts, coral cliffs, creeks and numerous offshore coral islands. Inland, Kenya boasts narrow, level coastal plain lies on sedimentary rocks that give way to the plateau that rises gradually to the central highlands. Here, you will find an excellent range of Kenyan luxury resort hotels, including numerous well-appointed Kenya luxury resort hotels boasting international standards for both tourists and business people alike. In Nairobi, stay at the luxurious Fairview Hotel with 5 acres of beautiful, tropical gardens or relax while staying at the lovely Palacina Hotel that boasts exquisite room views and magnificent dining. Small boutique Kenya luxury resorts hotels are also becoming increasingly popular, on the coast, and in wilderness areas.

Kenya boasts numerous beachside Kenya luxury resorts that provide the perfect backdrop for a tropical luxury travel vacation, which is guaranteed to revitalise and refresh you. Kenya lies astride the equator on the eastern coast of Africa, covering an area of approximately 586 600 kilometres squared. Kenya boasts tremendous tropical diversity, with glaciated mountains, stunning valets with scarps and volcanoes and beautiful coral reefs and islets. The unique physiology supports abundant and varied wildlife. Water covers the bulk of this area, 107 000 kilometres squared, in Victoria and Turkana Lakes. Kenya is bordered by Somalia and the vast Indian Ocean, Ethiopia to the north, Sudan to the northwest, Uganda to the west and Tanzania further south.

The tropical climate found in Kenya lends itself well to hosting a string of magnificent Kenya luxury resorts. The climate of Kenya is generally dry; over 75 percent of its total area is classed as being semi-arid with only 20 percent being viable for agriculture. Differences in temperatures vary predictably with altitude changes. The hottest areas of Kenya are in the semi-arid northeast, and vast Lake Turkana, where the mean maximum temperature is more than 34 degrees C. Kenya's climate is mostly warm and humid at the coast, humid and cool in the vast central highlands, and hot and dry in the north and east of the region. Kenya's climate is one of the most pleasant making vacations at one of the Kenya luxury resort hotels unforgettable!

The languages spoken in Kenya are English, Kiswahili and numerous indigenous languages. Staffs at the Kenya luxury resort hotels are fluent in English and are ready to assist you. You will quickly feel at home at one Kenya's luxury resort hotels.

The currency of Kenya is the Kenyan Shilling (KES).

Flying to Kenya for an exclusive luxury travel vacation is convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. The national airline, Kenya Airways, is among the many airlines flying daily to and from the country. Kenya provides three international airports including Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi, Moi International Airport Mobassa and Moi International Airport Eldoret. There are numerous international carriers and Kenya has excellent connections to various destinations throughout Europe, USA and Africa. Visas are required for entry to Kenya.