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Mali Luxury Resorts

Mali luxury resort hotels are located in Western Africa where you will discover surreal landscapes, castellated mosques, pink sandstone villages, dramatic cliff faces and beautiful artwork on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Mali is a spectacularly beautiful country filled with distinctive mud dwellings, Malians wearing flamboyant clothes in a very impressive civilization with magnificent Mali luxury resort hotels sprinkled throughout the beautiful country. It is the best luxury travel holiday destination in West Africa. Life here continues much the same as when Mali was a great empire years ago with the addition of modern Mali luxury resort hotels. Mali is very hot and dusty with numerous ancient archaeological sites here, more than all other African countries, with the exception of Egypt. However, there is more to Mali than just ancient artifacts. Above all, you will enjoy mixing with the warm, friendly and fascinating locals who pride themselves on delivering legendary first-class hospitality and service on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Experience their genuine hospitality when you stay at your choice of one of the exclusive luxury resort hotels in Mali. Exclusive Mali luxury resorts include Kempinski Hotel El Farouk Bamkako.

Exclusive Mali luxury resorts allow visitors to discover undulating desert scenes, Timbuktu and mosques made of mud on their exclusive luxury travel vacations. Mali has a very rich heritage and is home to numerous Mali luxury resort hotels. Mali has a rich vibrant culture and colorful, fascinating people you can enjoy on your luxury travel vacation. There is much geographical variation which provides the country's natural beauty. Mali is regarded as the best luxury travel holiday destination in West Africa with numerous Mali luxury resort hotels.

The climate in Mali is very comfortable making it an ideal luxury travel holiday vacation spot with numerous Mali luxury resort hotels lining the dramatic coastline. The climate in Mali is described as being arid to subtropical. Between the months of February and June it is dry and hot. It is dry and cool between November and February and mild, humid and rainy from June to the end of November.

The currency in Mali is the Communaute Financiere Africaine franc. ATM's are handily located on most downtown streets for your ease and convenience and nearby all of the Mali luxury resort hotels, located on Mali's spectacular coastline.

Flying to Mali for an exclusive luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous non-stop services that fly to and from Bamako Airport, Gao Airport, Kayes Airport, Senou Airport, Ambodedjo Airport, Manantali Bengassi Airport and Tomouctou Aiport. All of the major Mali luxury resort hotels are located within easy driving distance of at least one of the airports in Mali. The airlines serving Mali include Mali Airlines, Air Mali, Air Algerie, Afriqiyah Airways, Air Burkina, Air Ivoire, Air Mauritanie, Air Mali, Air Guinee Express and Air Senegal International.