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Mauritius Luxury Resorts

Mauritius luxury resorts are surrounded by pristine beaches, coral reefs and beautiful lagoons, the ideal backdrop for an exclusive luxury travel vacation of Southern Africa as Mauritius is situated in the vast Indian Ocean. The Mascareignes Archipel is made up of Mauritius, Reunion Island and Rodriguez. Nestled up alongside Africa with numerous Mauritius luxury resort hotels, Mauritius is the most accessible tropical island paradise located in the South West Indian Ocean for a luxury travel holiday. Mauritius is approximately 2000 kilometres from Durban and 1800 kilometres from Mombassa. This island, located amongst warm turquoise sea, is an oasis of tranquillity and natural pristine beauty, where the past and present are harmoniously blended together. Mauritius luxury resorts include the Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa and Royal Palm Resort.

Exclusive Mauritius luxury resorts are the ideal location to relax and unwind on a luxury travel vacation with breathtaking coastal plains and spectacular discontinuous encircling mountain ranges. The island offers a unique and enchanting luxury travel holiday destination with many magnificent Mauritius luxury resort hotels. The island is of volcanic origin and is almost entirely surrounded by the world's third largest, colourful and spectacular coral reef. Mauritius boasts over 90 miles of white sandy beaches and the transparent, turquoise lagoon, which are protected from the open sea. This destination is just waiting for you to explore while you stay in an exclusive Mauritius luxury resort hotel.

You will enjoy staying in a Mauritius luxury resort on your luxury travel vacation. Mauritius's topography is spectacular with rugged dramatic mountains and a high plateau with numerous Mauritius luxury resort hotels sprinkled amongst the spectacular scenery. Mauritius covers about 1805 square kilometres with 330 kilometres of beautiful coastline, a spectacular central plateau that is about 400 metres, on average, above sea level. The central plateau gradually rises towards the southwest until it reaches its highest point at 800 metres with the Piton de la Reviere Noire. Imposing mountains are scattered throughout the island of Mauritius, as well as tropical plants that add to the natural pristine beauty of the island. Mauritius is certainly an oasis of tranquillity and natural pristine beauty with exclusive Mauritius luxury resorts you will enjoy on your luxury travel vacation.

The Ile aux Cerfs is a sheltered; crowded beach and spectacular turquoise lagoon that is ideal luxury travel holiday destination for sunbathing, relaxing in your Mauritius luxury resort hotel or dining in superb restaurants or perusing the numerous souvenir stalls. The Ile aux Cerfs now belongs to Le Touessrok Sun Hotel and attracts numerous visitors on the east coast each year. The ferry runs many times each hour between 9 am and 4 pm.

Similarly, the magnificent, beautiful Pereybere public beach has become increasingly popular with innumerable fine restaurants, Mauritius luxury resort hotels and elegant boutique stores.

Grand Bay and La Curvette beach are also shopping paradises boasting intricately woven Indian fabric, baskets and embroidery, located nearby all the Mauritius luxury resort hotels. You will also be enchanted and impressed by Flacq Market, which is the meeting place for locals of the East and boasts the regions largest magnificent open-air market. The colourful and vibrant market attracts innumerable people from around the region, a must see on your luxury travel holiday.

The Balaclava Ruins are located a few metres away from Baie aux Tortues, or Bay of Turtles, where the ruins of the old Balaclava estate can be explored on your luxury travel holiday. Holidays-makers to the area can see first hand the dramatic sea walls, whose initial foundations were laid down by Mahe de Labourdonnais. You will also be transported back in time with a visit to the Triolet Shivala, the longest village on the island where you can explore the largest Hindu temple, the Maheswarnath, first built in 1819 in honour of the Gods.

Mauritius's culture is very diverse for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation while staying at a Mauritius luxury resort hotel. Over half the population is Hindu and about a fifth is Muslim. The remaining section of the population consists mainly of Sino-Mauritians and Chinese, Creole and Franco Mauritians, the original settlers of the island.

There is a wide range of cuisine offered in Mauritius for you to enjoy on luxury travel vacation staying in a Mauritius luxury resort hotel. The most common varieties are Creole, Chinese, European and Indian cuisine, which is served in magnificent local restaurants. Mauritian cuisine is cosmopolitan and offers a variety of roast beef, steak and gourmet dishes to authentic Indian curries and the typical Mauritian  rougaille' of Creole Cuisine, a Mediterranean dish of tomatoes.

You will enjoy staying in an Mauritius luxury resort hotel and meeting the local people. Mauritius has a population of 1.1 million people. The ethnic composition of the island is Indo-Mauritian 68 percent, Creole 27 percent, Sino-Mauritian 3 percent and Franco-Mauritian 2 percent. The languages spoken in Mauritius are Creole, Bhojpuri and French (official).

The climate of Mauritius is located near the Tropic of Capricorn, and has a subtropical climate modified by southeast trade winds. There are 2 distinct seasons: hot, humid summer (November to April) has an average, warm temperature of 30 degrees; and warm, dry winter (May to September) has a range of temperatures from 17 degrees at night to 24 degrees in the heat of the afternoon. Between these times, a pleasant period (September to November) has temperatures from 25 to 28 degrees. The sun rises at 5 am, sets at 7 pm in summer, in winter rises at 6 am, and sets at 6 pm. Mauritius has an average sea temperature of 22 degrees. December through to March is when the waters are at there clearest.

The currency in Mauritius is the Mauritian rupee (RS) which is divided into 100 cents.

Flying to Mauritius for a luxury travel vacation is comfortable, convenient and hassle-free. The major airlines that fly to and from major destinations, such as London and Los Angeles, daily are Air Mauritius and British Airways. Most visitors do not require visas; however, there is an Airport Service charge: Rs 300 to be paid at the Airport by embarking passengers.