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South Africa Luxury Resorts

South Africa luxury resort hotels are situated amongst diverse scenery  dramatic mountain ranges, conservation areas and breathtaking beaches  the ideal location for an exclusive luxury travel vacation. South Africa boasts exotic pristine beaches, unique abundant wildlife, pulsing cities, majestic mountain ranges, many South Africa luxury resort hotels, numerous eco-tourist and outdoor attractions. Not to mention, a diverse and enchanting culture and warm friendly people making this luxury travel holiday destination not easily forgotten with its spectacular South Africa luxury resort hotels. South Africa occupies 4 percent of the African continent's landmass, is five times larger than Great Britain and more than three times the size of Texas, larger than Spain and France together, stretching from the spectacular Cape to the beautiful northern regions. Exclusive South Africa luxury resorts include The Makweti Safari Lodge, The Fancourt Hotel, Penzula Resort Hotel, Sabi Sabi Private Games Reserve, Sante Winelands Hotel and Wellness Centre, Ulusaba Private Game Reserve.

South Africa luxury resort hotels are nestled amongst spectacular scenery for you to enjoy on your luxury travel vacation. In the boundaries of the country are some of the world's most dramatic landscapes; canyons, cliffs and wilderness found worldwide. Embark on a hypnotic escape into a mystical world of diverse terrains and stand in awe and marvel at one of the numerous breathtaking and inspiring beaches in the  sun and surf central city of Durban. The South African coastline is punctuated by natural harbours such as the spectacular and ideal Saldanha Bay on the west coast coastline and magnificent South Africa luxury resort hotels.

Exclusive South Africa luxury resort hotels pride themselves on delivering legendary hospitality and service amongst picturesque natural surroundings on luxury travel vacations. South Africa is home to the first wildlife conservation area, Kruger Park, which is over a century old. On you luxury travel holiday, you will be impressed with the urban jungles found in Pretoria and Johannesburg boasting numerous elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards and buffalos. See Cape Town's imposing Table Mountain and Hwange National Park on your luxury travel holiday. South Africa boasts some of the most dramatic, rugged landscapes found worldwide with spectacular cliffs and canyons located near South Africa luxury resort hotels.

You will enjoy staying in your South Africa luxury resort hotel on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Cape Winelands is a fantastic luxury travel destination where you can immerse yourself in the town's culture or relax in your choice of exclusive South Africa luxury resort hotel. Visit the gorgeous Cape Winelands, get involved in a dazzling range of exciting attractions, see arid bushveld, tropical wetlands, beautiful mountain scenery, wild flowers in profusion, try sumptuous cuisine and wine in fine local restaurants, visit the beautiful Garden Route Area or simply relax and enjoy the vibrant history and melting pot of cultures. Just 10 years ago South Africa went through political change and has now emerged as a very tolerant society and it has left the past of apartheid far behind and looks forward to the future with possibility.

South Africa luxury resort hotels are located in an amazing part of the world. South Africa is located in the south-eastern part of the African continent and it stretches from 22 to 35 degrees latitude and 17 to 33 degrees longitude with a 3000 kilometre dramatic coastline. The country has a surface area of 1 219 090 square kilometres and shares boundaries and is neighbours with Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. To the northeast lies the Republic of Mozambique and the Kingdom of Swaziland. In the southeast, the stunning mountain kingdom of Lesotho lies with spectacular terrain.

The estimated population of South Africa is 44.8 million and the racial composition is African 79 percent, White 9.6 percent, Coloured 8.9 percent, Indian 2.5 percent. While the south has 11 official languages, most of them are indigenous to South Africa. Most South Africans are multilingual and English is fairly widely spoken, especially in urban areas of the country. It is very easy to freely converse with the South African people who are very open and friendly and enjoy helping visitors staying in South Africa luxury resort hotels on exclusive luxury travel holidays. Almost 50 percent of South Africa's population follows the Christian faith. Other major religious groups are Hindu, Muslims and Jews.

The climate in South Africa is mostly semiarid, with sunny days and cool nights, ideal for luxury travel vacations. It is temperate and pleasant, and conditions range from Mediterranean in the south-western corner of the country to temperate conditions in the interior plateau and subtropical in the northwest. A small area in the northwest has a desert climate. From November to February, the country basks in hot weather. Winters are generally mild and dry. South Africa boasts one of world's longest amounts of sunshine with 8.5 hours compared to 6.4 in Rome and 3.8 in London. Temperatures in South Africa are influenced by variations in ocean currents, elevation and terrain. The coastline is swept by two major ocean currents, the warm south-flowing Mozambique-Agulhas current and the cold Benguela. The contrast in temperatures between these two currents accounts for some of the differences in climate, marine life and vegetation between the west and east coasts of South Africa.

The ideal time to visit South Africa would be in early spring from August to October when the game watching is best on your exclusive luxury travel vacation.

The unit of currency in South Africa is the Rand (ZAR). Currency can be exchanged at the local banks and Bureaux de Changes. Visa and MasterCard can be used everywhere in South Africa and you can bank by ATM or online. The exchange rate will be in your favour and your money will go a very long way.

Flying to South Africa for an exclusive luxury travel vacation is convenient and hassle-free. Over 70 international airlines fly to and from numerous destinations in North and South America and Europe. You generally fly overnight and arrive during the day. The direct flights between the USA, Johannesburg and flights between London and Johannesburg generally take just 12 hours.