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Family on a Californian Beach

California Luxury Resorts

California luxury resort hotels are situated amongst tranquil natural beauty with views of the magnificent coastline  the ideal destination for an exclusive luxury travel vacation. California is the Golden State and you be drawn to its natural beauty, boasting more than 1340 miles of rugged coastline, while you stay in one of the world-class California luxury resorts scattered along the coastline. California's wide range of vacation, accommodation and entertainment choices are boundless and are sure to enchant you on your luxury travel holiday. Exclusive California luxury resorts include The Ahwahnee, The Auberge du Soleil, The Chateau du Sureau, La Valencia and The Four Seasons Biltmore.

Exclusive California luxury resort hotels provide breathtaking views of the city and tranquil outdoor garden settings for you to enjoy on you luxury travel vacation. California boasts a rich melting pot of cultures, spectacular sunsets, California luxury hotels and world-renowned heritage museums. Not to mention, pristine sandy beaches, delicious cuisines and dramatic, lush agriculture and varied landscape that together offer the finest luxury travel vacation destination to escape the crowds and clouds. This beautiful region is home to numerous excellent California luxury beach resorts making California the perfect luxury travel holiday getaway destination with many scenic pleasures.

You will enjoy staying in an exclusive California luxury resort on your luxury travel vacation. California, commonly known as the Golden State, boasts many fine beachside California luxury resort hotels set above stunning beaches and amongst dramatic, lush scenery. The Central Coast of California consists of seven coastal countries, lying between Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Central Coast boasts more than 300 miles of the states spectacular coastline below the dramatic landscape for you to enjoy on your luxury travel holiday.

Northern California will enthral you boasting breathtaking vistas, towering mountains, fantastic beachfront California luxury resorts, spectacular glaciers, beautiful waterfalls, dense unspoiled forest and glistening lakes making this an idyllic spot for a luxury travel vacation. California's vast beaches and beachside California luxury resort hotels are truly one of the world's pristine wonderlands.

The state of California is home to numerous fabulous and charming beachside California luxury resorts making this a destination unmatched by any other in beautiful surroundings. The State of California extends along the shore the Pacific Ocean between latitudes 32.5 degrees and 42 degrees north. Bounded to the north by beautiful Oregon, on the east by Nevada and Arizona, and to the south by Mexico, the total land area of California come to more than 158 693 square miles. The spectacular north coast region stretches more than 400 miles of rugged, dramatic coastline from the north of San Francisco to the primeval lush, emerald forests below the Oregon border.

Be drawn to the gorgeous region of Orange Country boasting 42 miles of pristine beaches and vast green spaces perfect for relaxation during the hot day. By night you can hazily retire to one of California's impressive, stylish beachfront California luxury resorts on your luxury travel holiday. You will be amazed by a visit to San Diego Country with its rich Hispanic heritage and culture, temperature climate, fabulous California luxury resorts, beautiful deep-sea harbours and pristine, white sandy beaches.

California's celebrated climate and spectacular, luxurious beachfront California luxury resorts lure thousands of visitors each year. Within the State, there is a variety of climates, ranging from one extreme to another. Temperatures generally fall between minus 45 degrees F and 134 degrees F. The wide ranges of altitude are partly responsible for the variety of climates and vegetation found in California. No matter where in the State you choose to stay, you are sure to find comfortable, luxurious surroundings in one of California's fine beachside California luxury resorts. Along the western side of the Coast Range, the climate is dominated by the Pacific Ocean, warm winters, cool summers and high relative humidity. The areas that are well protected from the vast ocean boast a more continental type of climate with warmer summers, colder winters. This area lures many tourists each and every year to its fantastic beachside California luxury resorts set above California's endless sandy beaches. Summer is generally dry over most of the state.

The currency in California is US dollars. Most large banks and some independent bureaus exchange foreign currencies. Airports in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose provide exchange offices in the arrival halls. Traveller's cheques in US dollars are widely accepted throughout the region.

Flying to California for an exclusive luxury travel vacation is convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There is an excellent range of airline choices from a variety of European airlines, North American airlines, as well as Japan Airlines, Air New Zealand, Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines. Contact your nearest US Embassy for visa, passport and health requirements to obtain entry to California.