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New York Luxury Resorts

New York luxury resorts are located amid a spectacular coastline, private beaches, beautiful heritage gardens, the ideal location for an exclusive luxury travel vacation of the United States. Discover the "Big Apple," an adrenaline-charged and beguiling city, which holds immense appeal to the millions of visitors that come each and every year to stay in one of the many excellent New York luxury resort hotels with unsurpassed hospitality. The city has an international allure and is history-laden with iconic buildings and New York exclusive luxury resort hotels. However, the maverick quality of New York is its people and even in the aftermath of the World Trade Centre collapse, New York remains a fascinating and unique city for a luxury travel holiday. There are many different ethnic neighbors, such as lower Manhattan's Chinatown; and the more artsy concentrations of SoHo, TriBeca and the East and West Villages provide a fascinating blend of cultures. You will be impressed by the flickering lights of the midtown towering skyscrapers as you drive across the Queensboro Bridge. New York has it all for a luxury travel vacation. From historic landmarks, spectacular New York luxury hotel resorts to Broadway theatre. New York luxury resorts include The Avalon Hotel and Le Parker Meridien Hotel.

Exclusive New York luxury resort hotels are nestled amongst beautiful woodlands, spectacular mountain ranges and forests. Commonly known as "the city that never sleeps," New York is home to numerous first-class New York luxury resort hotels. Whichever New York luxury resort hotel you chose it is sure to be etched in you mind as part of what made your luxury travel vacation to New York truly memorable. The architecture of Manhattan is fabulous, with numerous skyscrapers, downtown and midtown, which form the most beautiful images on your exclusive luxury travel holiday.

You will thoroughly enjoy staying in a New York luxury resort hotel on your luxury travel vacation of the US with grassy hollows, sparkling lakes and restored colonial fortresses. Central Park is the world's most famous park, located in the very heart of New York City amongst a cluster of New York's finest luxury resort hotels. Bryant Park is a public park of the city of New York and is New York City’s Scenic Landmark boasting lush scenery. Riverside Park stretches over four miles along the Hudson River from 68th to 155th Streets, the 323 acres of Riverside Park offering relaxation and recreation for all with 36 bridges.

New York luxury resort hotels are located nearby many of the city's landmarks for your convenience, in the lively city that does not sleep on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. New York's Empire State Building soars more than a quarter of a mile into the atmosphere above the heart of Manhattan located on the 86th floor, 1050 feet above the city's lively streets. The observation deck offers superb panoramic views from within a glass enclosed pavilion and from the open-air promenade. The Empire State Building is a New York City landmark and a National Historic Landmark near exclusive New York luxury resort hotels. The Brooklyn Bridge is arguably the most influential bridge in American history which you can cross on your luxury travel vacation. It remains one of New York City's most celebrated wonders. This elegant structure was once the longest suspension bridge in the world near many exclusive New York luxury resort hotels. The bridge links Manhattan and Brooklyn which were once two separate cities. New York’s most historic symbol of freedom stands high above the harbor. Over four and a half million visitors enjoy Liberty Island each and every year on exclusive luxury travel vacations.

If your exclusive luxury travel vacation is watching the sunset over vineyard clad hills across the beautiful lake from your New York luxury resort hotel room you will enjoy the Finger Lakes Region. The Finger Lakes Region offers dinner cruises...what better way to explore the city, or you take a tour of one of the many wineries and enjoy a sumptuous meal at one of our fine establishments.

Likewise, the New York luxury resort hotels are located nearby major shopping venues. The choice of shops is vast, almost exhaustive in "this heartland of the great capitalist dream." New York is a shoppers’ paradise with the world's largest department store, Macy's in Herald Square and tiny, hip boutique stores. It is one of New York's most famous retail icons and is well-renowned for its annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. On your luxury travel vacation, you will be impressed by designer favorites on the second floor, and the ever-tempting fourth floor shoe salon stocks many of the models seen in fashion magazines. Bloomingdale's, or affectionately "Bloomies," is where you go on a Saturday afternoon to be "seen-and-be-seen." Here, the East Side Mecca’s main floor handbag department has one of the best selections in the entire city near many New York luxury resort hotels.

Upstate New York is the perfect vacation spot to unwind in the peaceful surroundings of one of the many beautiful New York luxury resort hotels. With such a wide range of mountains, culture, New York luxury resort hotels and spas, New York will keep amazing you. The mountains of the Catskills and the Adirondacks provide cool, lush greenery for those people weary of big-city concrete; Saratoga Springs offers restorative spas; and the tranquil Finger Lakes is the perfect luxury travel vacation destination to relax in your New York luxury resort hotel with a glass of New York wine. Enjoy the spectacular scenery around Lake George, just 25 miles up 1-87 from Saratoga Springs; it is undeniably some of the most gorgeous in the entire region.

Enjoy the pleasant climate of New York while staying at one of the many New York luxury resort hotels sprinkled throughout the city. The average annual mean temperature is approximately 16 degrees C in the Adirondacks and St Lawrence Valley, but increases to approximately 26 degrees C along Lake Erie and in the lower Hudson Valley to 31 degrees C on Long Island. The climate is generally cool and pleasant in the Adirondacks, Catskills and higher elevations of the Southern Plateau. The New York City area and lower portions of the Hudson Valley have rather warm summers by comparison with some periods of high humidity

The currency in New York is the US Dollar (USD). ATM's are handily located on most corners of downtown streets for your convenience near New York luxury resort hotels.

Flying to New York on a luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous major domestic and international flights to and from New York daily from Kennedy, La Guardia or Newark Airport.