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Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Luxury Resorts

Beverly Hills luxury resorts provide first-class living and sophistication for the elite who want to enjoy an exclusive American luxury travel vacation. Beverly Hills is the epitome of gracious hospitality where you will enjoy staying at an exclusive Beverly Hills luxury resort. Exclusive Beverly Hills luxury resorts are ideally nestled between Southern California's cool, pristine ocean beaches and sunny mountain foothills, lying along the north-western edge of Los Angeles. On your luxury travel holiday, you will be impressed by the beautiful, unspoilt beaches, Beverly Hills luxury resort hotels and first-class surroundings on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains. The city's iconic image has been greatly enhanced by the prolific spread of television shows set in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills luxury resorts include Loews Hotels Beverly Hills and Maison 140.

Exclusive luxury resort hotels are located amongst breathtaking natural scenery for you to enjoy on your luxury travel vacation. Beverly Hills has universal appeal for visitors looking to soak up the glorious sun and bask in the city's glow while staying in one of the magnificent Beverly Hills luxury resort hotels. The mystique of Beverly Hills continues as a place of wealth and beauty, boasting world-class shopping on Rodeo Drive and boutique openings, the Farmer's Market and the Civic Centre Plaza. On your luxury travel holiday, you will enjoy staying at Beverly Hill's luxury resorts amongst idyllic surrounding, the ultimate in exclusive first-class living. The city brings you high culture all year round with the Affaire in the Gardens Art Show, the Flower and Garden Festival and exhibitions in the city's Municipal Gallery. You can also stand on the Walk of Fame where Marilyn Monroe and Tom Hanks and other rich and famous stars live, work and play on your luxury travel vacation.

You will enjoy staying in an exclusive Beverly Hills luxury resort hotel on your luxury travel holiday. You will be impressed by the fabulous hospitality provided in Beverley Hill's luxury resort hotels. In Beverly Hills you are always just a few minutes away from the vast Pacific Ocean and less than an hour from almost very visitor attraction in Southern California including Hollywood, UCLA, The Ghetty Centre, Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland on your luxury travel holiday.

You will find the locations of Beverly Hill's luxury resort hotels perfect, luxurious and hassle-free, providing the perfect, hassle-free luxury travel vacation destination. The city's iconic image has been enhanced by the prolific spread of television shows set in beautiful, glorious surroundings Beverly Hills including Beverly Hills 90210 in the 1990s. You will enjoy staying at one the many exclusive Beverly Hill's luxury resort hotels that preside majestically over Sunset Boulevard with emerald gardens, graceful palms and impeccable service and unparalleled beauty.

You will be impressed by the opulence and luxury of Beverly Hill's gorgeous luxury resort hotels nestled alongside stunning scenery providing an idyllic holiday location. Beverly Hills is known for its vibrant and eclectic art scene, which is illustrated by the numerous, fine galleries and the fine art that has been placed in the city itself.

You will love exploring Beverly Hill's famous department stores such as Neiman-Marcus and Sak's Fifth Avenue, located near the major Beverly Hills luxury resort hotels on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Furthermore, the area surrounding Rodeo Drive and Wiltshire Boulevard, in Beverly Hill's, is a playground fit for the rich and famous. Beverly Hill's Civic Centre dramatically expands on the area's Spanish Renaissance architecture, boasting beautiful curved colonnades framing the approaches to the renovated and expanded City Hall.

You will be amazed at how at once Beverly Hills is both mysterious and welcoming with numerous lush gardens fringed with palm trees, numerous glorious balconies in exclusive Beverley Hills luxury resort hotels that will make your stay unique. You will find the staff at Beverly Hill's beach resort welcoming and friendly. The ethnic composition of Beverly Hills is white 91.4 percent, Asian/ Pacific Islander 5.4 percent, Black 1.4 percent and other 1.8 percent.

You can enjoy Beverly Hill's pleasant climate all year round in one of the any idyllic Beverly Hills luxury resorts providing unsurpassed luxury for you. Beverly Hills boasts a dry Mediterranean-like climate with very little rain, low humidity and plenty of sunshine making this an ideal vacation spot where you can relax and unwind while you are impressed by the gracious hospitality at one of Beverly Hill's luxury resort hotels. The average rainfall in the area is 15 inches a year and virtually no rain falls between May and October. Beverly Hills boasts nearly perfect weather; with an average high daily temperature of 24 degrees C. The latitude of Beverly Hills is 34.073N and the longitude is -118.399W.

The currency in Beverly Hills is the US dollar. Banks and financial institutions are situated on almost every block of Beverly Hill's downtown business district. Numerous ATM'S are also handily located throughout the city for your convenience near exclusive Beverly Hills luxury resort hotels.

You will enjoy flying to Beverly Hills for a luxury travel holiday as it is convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. Numerous major airlines fly to and from Beverly Hills daily, including Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, America West Airlines, American Airlines, American Trans Air, Continental Airlines& just to name a few!