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Los Angeles Luxury Resorts

Los Angeles luxury resort hotels are glitzy, thrilling, glamorous and loud and are the perfect exclusive luxury travel destination in America to getaway from it all. The metropolis of Los Angeles sprawls across a thousand square miles of a spectacular desert basin, with beautiful palm-shaded Los Angeles luxury resort hotels, between the ocean and the beautiful snow capped mountains. One of the most prominent cities in the US, Los Angeles is a hub of virtually every lifestyle and activity with its colourful shopping malls, exclusive Los Angeles luxury resort hotels, palm trees and pools and surreal and familiar, thanks to Los Angeles universal image. Exclusive Los Angeles luxury resorts include Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Bel Age Hotel West Hollywood and The Beverly Hilton, the perfect place for a luxury travel holiday.

Los Angeles luxury resort hotels are situated amongst a dazzling backdrop for you to explore on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Los Angeles is home to several fine-art museums, delicious cuisine, and beautiful old-fashioned places. However, people come to the city for a luxury travel holiday because it has come to epitomise the American Dream with Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverley Hills and Malibu. Los Angeles has recently proven that it has more than just movie making; however, with Venice Beach and Sunset Boulevard. All of these destinations are waiting for you to explore by day, and later relax in comfort, style and elegance in one of the numerous beachside Los Angeles luxury resort hotels.

You will enjoy staying in a Los Angeles luxury resort on your exclusive luxury travel holiday of America. Spend your evenings relaxing amongst the spectacular scenery inside one of the beautiful seaside Los Angeles luxury resort hotels. The topography of Los Angeles is varied and diverse for you to explore on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. The dramatic landscape ranges from spectacular white sandy beaches to mountains, to golden deserts to dense, emerald woodlands. The Los Angeles region is distinctly divided into the LA basin, which includes the best part of the city, surround San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys, and the backdrop of the stunning mountain ranges.

Stay in style and quiet sophistication is one of the many Los Angeles luxury resort hotels here in the city that has come to epitomise the American Dream. The Angels Walk in the downtown core takes visitors on a tour of many of the cities varied attractions including markets, restaurants, and other activities to discover firsthand. The Museum of Contemporary Art is situated in downtown LA, and is home to pyramid skylights and distinctive architecture with a curved parapet.

Be impressed by a stay in one of the enthralling beachside Los Angeles luxury resorts on Catalina Island, in Los Angeles. Visit charming Catalina Island that is beautiful, undeveloped and like it was 50 years ago boasting many quaint luxury resort hotels. The city of Arodon of Los Angeles is about one square mile and is home to great beaches, and the walk along Crescent Street runs parallel to a shopping paradise. The scenic stroll out to the Casino is also a must see on your exclusive luxury travel holiday!

Stay at a Los Angeles luxury resort hotel after sampling the fantastic cuisine on offer. As well as the burgers and the fries, Los Angeles offers a lot of regional variation in its delicious cuisine on your luxury travel vacation. You can try Cajun dishes in Louisiana, soul food in the southern states of Tex-Mex in Texas. Enjoy a beachside lunch in Santa Monica.

Enjoy the wonderful, sunny climate while staying at one of the numerous Los Angeles luxury resort hotels. The climate of Los Angeles varies widely even within the city. Generally, the summers are hot, winters are mild and humidity is low. Offshore breezes keep the beach areas of Los Angeles and San Diego much cooler in summer and warmer in winter than those regions that are further inland. Temperatures in summer can get well above 32 degrees C and in winter temperatures get down to around 12 degrees C and rain is possible. San Francisco, a little further north, is a bit cooler and breezier. Generally, the weather is dry and warm throughout the seasons, boasting 354 days of sunshine a year! Enjoy retiring hazily to a beachside Los Angeles luxury resort hotel at the end of the day.

The currency is Los Angeles is the US dollar. ATM's are located nearby many Los Angeles luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Los Angeles for an exclusive luxury travel holiday is convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. Los Angeles World Airport is a unique system of four airports owned and operated by the city of Los Angeles. Each of the airports, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Ontario International Airport (ONT), Van Nuys (VNY) and Palmdale Regional (PMD). Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is located 17 miles southwest of Downtown LA. Most visitors to the US require a Visa. However, Canadians only need proof of Citizenship.