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Washington DC Luxury Resorts

Washington DC luxury resorts are situated on trendy streets with iconic monuments, familiar vistas, and cherry blossoms in an influential city which offers year-round inspiring experiences for exclusive luxury American travel vacations. Discover the distinctive flavor of Washington DC, with numerous inspiring monuments, news-making figures, world-class entertainment venues, fine restaurants and Washington DC luxury resort hotels. Washington DC is a powerful symbol of freedom and democracy and the luxury resort hotels boast unparalleled hospitality from its cheerful, friendly locals. Washington DC is a spectacular city with colorful and diverse neighborhoods, filled with hip boutiques and fine art galleries, historic areas and superb gardens and parks for you to explore on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Beyond Washington DC's most familiar vistas, the city unwinds into a spectacular and bustling urban centre with superb shopping venues near Washington DC luxury resorts. Exclusive Washington DC luxury resort hotels include The Fairmont Washington and The Mandarin Oriental Washington DC Hotel.

Exclusive Washington DC luxury resorts are located a bustling urban center amongst spectacular and inspiring scenery and upscale bistros for you to enjoy on your luxury travel holiday of America. In Georgetown you will be impressed by the numerous iconic monuments, beautiful Colonial architecture, and upscale bistros lining the trendy streets, Washington DC resort hotels and shopping venues. Spontaneous jazz music tumbles out of windows of the many cafes and bars of the city. You can visit The Mall, a slice of lush greenery in the middle of town, surrounded by the towering buildings of the famous Smithsonian. It is the perfect exclusive luxury travel vacation spot to relax and take in the superb sites and sounds of this lively and influential city symbolizing freedom and democracy while staying in a lovely Washington DC luxury resort hotel.

You will enjoy staying in a Washington DC luxury resort on your exclave luxury travel holiday where spontaneous jazz music fills the air. You will be amazed by a guided tour of the White House, nearby many of the spectacular Washington DC luxury resort hotels, which is one of the most powerful symbols of American history and politics. Washington DC is a magnificent, bustling city that combines fascinating neoclassical government buildings, awe-inspiring monuments with colorful, diverse neighborhoods, music, dance and culture. Only in Washington DC can you be inspired by and moved by sitting back, relaxing and taking in the magical performances by the National Symphony Orchestra and world-class opera in the warm, pleasant evening and retire to your Washington DC luxury resort hotel room later on your luxury travel vacation.

Washington DC is home to numerous beautiful luxury resort hotels that inspire millions of visitors each and every year on exclusive luxury travel vacations. Washington DC also offers year-round pleasant weather and inspiring experiences. Washington DC is situated midway along the eastern seaboard of the United States, south of Maryland, north of Virginia and 233 miles south of New York City and is a very powerful symbol of freedom and democracy. There are many beautiful parks sprinkled around the can go for a stroll along the canal or cruise on the Tidal Basin for hours on your exclusive luxury travel vacation.

Washington DC is a city of contrasts and variety and boasts excellent Washington DC luxury resort hotels and unsurpassed service. The central area is beautifully designed with broad avenues and spacious recreational parks to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the US with numerous ethnic neighborhoods. Washington DC is located out of the state of Maryland at the confluence of the Ana cost and Potomac Rivers. Besides many political attractions such as the Washington Monument Washington DC is a fascination place full of color and life with many cultures, arts, restaurants and superb Washington DC luxury resort hotels offering unparalleled service for the perfect getaway luxury travel vacation.

Commonly referred to as DC, it is the Federal Capital of the United States and has beautiful Washington DC luxury resort hotels that attract visitors back every year on exclusive luxury travel holidays. The city contains a magnificent array of world-class attractions. Among these are a series of brilliant monuments and memorials, including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument which you will marvel at. While you are on your luxury travel holiday in Washington DC, other prominent sites are US Supreme Court and the White House, which are the cornerstones of the US Government. Come and be part of the American Experience. There is nothing more majestic than viewing the monuments and memorials at night when they're all light up!

There are many magnificent shops in Washington DC located nearby many of the stunning Washington DC luxury resort hotels. Shop until you drop at Potomae Mills, one of the largest shopping centers in the country on your exclusive luxury travel holiday.

Stay in one of Washington DC's luxury resort hotels and enjoy the pleasant climate on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Experience the brilliant climate all year long in Washington DC. Warm weather prevails from April until as late as October. Winters here are short with more rain than snow.

The currency in Washington DC is the US Dollar (USD). ATM's are handily located on most downtown street corners for your convenience near Washington DC luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Washington DC for an exclusive luxury travel holiday is convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. It is served by three major airports including Washington National Airport (Regan International), Baltimore/ Washington Airport (BWI). Baltimore/ Washington Airport are just 30 minutes from Washington DC with more than 670 domestic and international flights. The major airlines that fly to and from Washington DC daily include America West Airlines, Continental Airlines, Midwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines...just to name a few!