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Luxury Safari Vacations

A luxury safari vacation will delight and enthrall you when you travel through Africa. You will enjoy all aspects of your luxury safari vacation, whether you choose a fantastic wildlife safari vacation, an adventure safari in Kenya, or a magnificent wine tasting safari holiday. Visitors who go on luxury safari vacations often remark on the wild, raw and pristine landscapes of the magnificent African game parks and the amazing wildlife they encounter along the way. The main destinations for a luxury safari vacation include South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Eastern and southern Africa boasts the finest wildlife luxury safari vacation locations in the world. You will enjoy the wild, raw and pristine landscape found on your luxury safari vacation. These magical destinations offer hundreds of magnificent parks and spectacular wildlife reserves which will almost certainly bewilder you, especially if you are visiting for the first time. There are numerous spectacular game-viewing reserves of varying size and popularity, and the number of game will amaze you on your luxury safari travel vacation.

Masai Mara National Park is an extremely popular game park located in Kenya and boasts rare scenic beauty for you to explore on your luxury safari vacation. Additionally, the magnificence of the sweeping, beautiful grass plains of the spectacular Serengeti with fascinating wildlife and magnificent acacia trees allures thousands of visitors each and every year.

The breathtaking Kruger National Park Area is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries, with fantastic bird and animal diversity. There are more than 512 different bird species, 157 mammal species and over 300 different species to discover on your luxury safari vacation. This includes the famous  big five and numerous endangered species. The magnificent park is 350 kilometers long although there are also many private beautiful game reserves that border Kruger National Park so game wander free. There are several exclusive luxury safari camps for you to stay in.

Chobe National Park is another magnificent destination for a luxury safari vacation. The beautiful wildlife reserve provides pristine undisturbed wilderness for you to explore. It is a major tourist draw card for the country as many visitors come here for a luxury safari travel vacation. Chobe stretches across the beautiful Savuti marshes to the spectacular Mababe Depression. The riverfront is ideal for bird watching, game viewing and spectacular river cruises.

You can enjoy a wonderful luxury safari vacation from Kenya to Nairobi where you can stay in the beautiful five-star Stanley Hotel. Here, you can escape the heat and enter a wonderful world of Victorian elegance and style on your luxury safari vacation. From Nairobi you will travel to Mount Kenya Safari Club with spectacular vistas and forested slopes. You can descend the vast highlands and enjoy game-viewing before visiting the serene and enchanting Samburu National Reserve. When you return from the magnificent highlands you can go on an excursion to The Ark in Aberdare National Park with superb photographic opportunities on your luxury safari vacation.

A luxury safari vacation is a truly unforgettable experience and will remain firmly etched in your mind for years to come.