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The Royal Suites
The Royal Suite offers the guest a glimpse of royal living, intimately linked with the evolution of the beautiful Lake Palace, offer a bonding with nature’s elements.

Sandhya Suite
Sandhya or evening, a time suggestive of beauty and tranquility is embellished in rich emerald green and royal blue. The suite is perfect for savoring sunsets that are always special by the side of the shimmering waters of Lake Pichola and the spectacular Aravalli mountains. The softened sunrays, slipping in through aquamarine window panes, light the ornate antique gilt furniture casting a magical ambience in the room. Guests can enjoy the changing colors of the sky and waters over spirits and entrée’s in the privacy of this beautiful suite.

Basant Bahar
Basant Bahar, inspired by the spirit of the season of spring, is a luxurious suite. With a silk canopy over the decorative four poster bed, silk furnishings, rich carpet, miniature paintings and inlaid furniture, the suite offers a heady regal ambience as well as the ethereal beauty of spring. The suite also has scenic views of the lake and Jagmandir, the neighboring island palace.

Aravali Darshan
The Aravalli Darshan, as the name suggests, offers a view of the Aravallis, the oldest fold mountains in the world that stretch 350 miles in a north-easterly slant through Rajasthan. Discover the pure beauty of nature with the spectacular panorama of the ring of mountains ensconcing the turquoise waters of Lake Pichola whilst staying at this elegant suite.

Machla Magra
Machla Magra as the name suggests offers a magnificent view of an unusual mountain that outlines the form of a fish. This wooded hillside was once a favorite hunting ground for the king, and even today the shooting box seen amidst its foliage recounts the days of royalty as does the stone city wall that gently meanders up the slope. The compact suite also offers views of the lake; of Jagmandir the neighboring island palace; and the hills, that can be enjoyed from the snug alcove.

Jag Mandir Darshan
Jag Mandir Darshan offers a picturesque view of the Jagmandir island, a serene palace built by Maharana Karan Singh in about 1620. The Mughal prince Khurrram, later Emperor Shah Jehan, sought refuge in its soothing ambience in 1623 and it is said that inspired by the exquisite palace he later built the Taj Mahal at Agra. The rulers of Udaipur enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of the palace. When heir apparent Maharana Jagat Singh II was restrained by his father to curtail his moonlight soirees at the island, he vowed to build his own island palace. The result was the creation of Jag Niwas, now Taj Lake Palace, which was inaugurated with lavish and elaborate festivities in 1746. The Jag Mandir Darshan suite recalls the incident that gave Udaipur the beautiful lake palace. The elegant suite is blessed with a view of the lake, Jagmandir Island and the hills.