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Grand Royal Suites
The Grand Royal Suites, the epitome of royal grandeur, offer you a tryst with the finest traditions and lifestyle of the rulers of the princely kingdoms of Rajasthan

Khush Mahal
Khush Mahal, tucked away to the rear of the palace, was once one of the two queens chambers. The spectacular suite with its aesthetically furnished interiors subtly divided by cusped arches is evocative of an understated elegance. An antique swing, suspended by decorative gleaming brass chains, invites you to sit back and enjoy the charm of this beautiful suite as colored glass panels transform sunrays into a kaleidoscope of colors, infusing the room with an enchanting ambience.

Udai Mahal
Udai Mahal pays tribute to the illustrious and foresighted ruler Maharana Udai Singh II, who laid the foundations of Udaipur, on a cluster of hills near Lake Pichola in the mid-16th century. The exquisitely furnished suite, embellished with original miniature paintings, brocade paneling and antique ivory inlaid chairs create a regal world waiting to be savored.

Sarva Ritu
Sarva Ritu or the ‘All Seasons' Suite is a seamless blend of royal living and contemporary luxury. The interiors are embellished with charming beds with decorative silver headboards, rich furnishings, a brilliant Waterford chandelier and engravings.

Kamal Mahal
Kamal Mahal or Lotus Palace eludes the beauty of the flower, traditionally regarded as a symbol of purity in India. The pristine beauty of the suite, with its select artifacts, paintings, furniture and carpets, conveys a warm and welcoming ambience. The Pichwai, a revered hand painted cloth traditionally crafted in Nathdwara to be hung behind idols, adds beauty to the suite.

Sajjan Niwas
The Sajjan Niwas suite, built by Maharana Sajjan Singh between 1874-1884, retains an old world charm in its lamps, portraits, glass mosaic inlay, traditional cloth fans, doors surfaced with mirrors and furniture. The bedroom of the suite, decorated with frescoes depicting the Hindu deity Krishna, is suffused with romance. The Sajjan Niwas Suite opens onto the Sajjan Terrace overlooking the lake with spectacular views of the Jagmandir Island and Aravallis.

Chandra Prakash
The Chandra Prakash Suite, the Luster of the Moon Suite, glows like a celestial orb with golden-yellow chandeliers and lamps softly lighting the decorative gilt moldings, sinuously sculpted marble, fine fretted screens, floor inlaid with yellow, diamond-shaped tiles and the ceiling embellished with frescoes. Maharana Bhupal Singh held court in this august room in the 1930’s; making it the only suite to hold this honor.

Mayur Mahal
Mayur Mahal or Peacock Palace is inspired by the resplendent beauty of the iridescent blue, green and bronze hues of the peacock. In India the beautiful bird has traditionally been regarded as a symbol of royalty, love, fertility and the rains. Artistically crafted with glass mosaic peacock motifs embellishing the walls of this exquisite suite and its rich interiors create a regal ambience. The colored glass window panels change the mood in the room with the shifting sunrays.

Jal Tarang
Jal Tarang evocative of the waves of water is a beautiful suite. Located at the lobby level it offers scenic views of the tranquil waters of Lake Pichola and the mountains. The beauty of this suite has been enhanced by enclosing the corner chattri, once semi-open pavilion to enjoy the view and breeze, and adding a Spa Pool in the snug space. With a flick of a switch, the glass panel changes from frosted to clear so that you can soak yourself in complete privacy with a drink and a spectacular view of the lake and mountains.

Sarva Shresth Suite
Sarva Shresth Suite, as the name suggests, is simply the best. The beautiful, spacious and elaborate suite encompasses the arrangement of a complete residence as it includes a living and dining room. Embellished with elegant and old-world artifacts and furniture, it offers guests a complete experience of staying in a palace.

Virkha or rains are especially precious in desert and semi-arid regions of Rajasthan. Clouds fill the skies, and the rain fall gently fills the lakes, transforming the land into soothing shades of green and infusing the air with a soft scent of damp earth. This elegant suite, embellished with local crafts and textiles, includes a sitting area and two balconies that offer guests panoramic views of the lake to enjoy the special season.