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Soneva Fushi Resort & Spa "Time for Dreams"

Soneva Fushi BeachA Poem by Shauna Gosling

Time for Dreams
A phenomenon of nature, a thousand islands
Fringed with coral, lagoons, turquoise sea and white sand
Day and date are meaningless, time drifts past giving space
Just light and dark, dawn and dusk
There is time to watch the crabs in their hermit shells
Big black beatles taking the pollen from the flowers
Time for nature, space to think and dream.
Listening to music with eyes tightly shut every note is exceptional
Painful as it is exquisite to the extreme.
The mind is now relaxed and at peace
Everyday life is left far behind, far far away.
Here the fan turns slowly, the noise of the surf can be heard
Sunlight drifts into the room leaving dappled light upon the wooden floor.
Beyond the room and the thatched verandah
Lies the white sand, tropical plants and the blue turquoise sea.
At this moment there is the sound of drip drop as the rain falls from the thatch,
Soon the sun will appear once more to fill this tropical paradise
Burb, burb, whoop whoop sounds come from the birds
And chip chip of the geckos who live in the roof
A big brown bat hangs outside on a tree.
Surprises outside of this little home, mother chicken brings her chicks
Two black and white rabbits come to lie in the shade
They all mix with sandpipers, herons, pelicans and local birds.
There are iguanas, crabs dig holes in the beach, shrews dig holes near the door.
The sun is slipping past the horizon, there are some clouds around
Which makes the redness of the sky more spectacular as the colour spreads out.
Today at sunset time the tide is low, the coral peeps out of the sea
Like little brown rocks amongst the dwindling colour of turquoise
The sea is now lit up with fairy diamonds that twinkle on the water.
Little crabs scuttle on the beach, fat black crows swoop down with delight
Their supper so easily taken unless those crabs have vanished into their holes!
The sky is now bursting with colour, the clouds ablaze with red.
After the storm during the night when the wind blew the sea into huge crescendos
Lightening flashed and rain deluged down causing unwanted damage.
Tonight is quiet, the moon and stars make a path outside the room
Leading across the sand to the edge of the sea.
The island is covered with exotic trees and foliage
Paths cut in between with trees making a canopy overhead
Rustling can be heard in the undergrowth as animals scuttle about, rather spooky
At night in the isolation of the little house surrounded by shrubs and trees!
Dhoni boats pass by with fisherman from the nearby village island
Or used for the transport of people or goods.
Adornments and trappings are not needed here
There is the beauty of nature, simplicity of living
No locks on the doors, money is not carried, shoes are not worn
To go to dine the clothes can be a bit strange, the hair rather wild
No shoes, but maybe a purple hat!
The main adornment being a big smile!
The journey done by bike or an eccentric tricycle with a mind of its own.
The sea holds its secrets, the currents can be strong
Great respect has to be shown as one ventures forth by boat or to swim
Wonders are there, coral in all its forms and the multicoloured fish.
Adventures are there, the search for special species in the depths.
Wind, sun, sea, sand, coral, trees and animals.
Ecology is thought of, the materials used are natural
Wood, stone, reed, bamboo, hessian, the designs simple yet elegant.
The paradox is the sophistication of style, of machinery
That gives electricity, good plumbing, fresh water and on the plates ?haute cuisine?!
The people are kind and gentle, their faces light up with a smile
The thought and care given to make life so pleasant is quite unique
There is an atmosphere that is just sublime
All these marvels are here on this idyllic island.
Space and solitude leads to peace, reflection and dreams
And time for magic to cast her spell yet again
Another dream come true
Peace and happiness are mine.

Shauna Gosling
January 2002

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