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Turkey Luxury Resorts

Turkey luxury resort hotels are adorned with beautiful palm trees, a magnificent wide coastline, original architecture, narrow streets, archeological traces, and sparkling seas which are ideal for an exclusive luxury travel vacation of southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia. Turkey is an exotic country with numerous Byzantine mosaics, beautifully-covered bazaars and spectacular Turkey luxury resort hotels sprinkled along the dramatic coastline. Here, in Turkey you can explore sultans' treasures, Turkey's rare natural beauty and whirling dervishes. Turkey boasts many secluded rocky coves, pristine white powder-soft beaches matched with turquoise and emerald glimmering waters. You will enjoy immersing yourself in the rich culture and mixing with the warm, friendly locals who pride themselves on delivering legendary first-class hospitality and service on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Turks are wonderfully gracious hosts and offer a unique harmonious blend of European and Asian culture. Experience their genuine hospitality when you stay at your choice of one of the many magnificent exclusive Turkey luxury resort hotels. Turkey luxury resorts include Gloria Golf Resort, Gloria Verde Resort and Spa and the Sheraton Cesme Hotel, Resort and Spa.

Exclusive Turkey luxury resort hotels are nestled amongst a modernizing country with oriental splendor, dreamy coastline, whirling dervishes, beautiful Turkish cities, castle and mosques in a heavenly retreat. Turkey is home to several magnificent cities, landmarks, museums and spectacular Turkey luxury resort hotels. You will enjoy discovering the exceptional history of Turkey with many fabulous and varied excursions to intriguing, vibrant cities such as lively Istanbul. Furthermore, the unparalleled level of hospitality of the local Turks will impress you no end on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Here, you can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of tranquil Ephesus and spectacular and Cappadocia where you can find numerous traces of fascinating prehistoric cultures. You will be very impressed by a trip to the beautiful Basilica of St Sophia (Ayasofya Museum) that is regarded as one of the most magnificent buildings of all time with outstanding majestic serenity on your luxury travel holiday.

You will enjoy staying in an exclusive Turkey luxury resort hotels while on a luxury travel vacation with a sumptuous cuisine, unrivalled hospitality and rich history. The Sultanahmet Palace is an extraordinary archaeological museum boasting a collection of more than 60 000 ancient Greco-Roman antiquities, located nearby several Turkey luxury resort hotels. Furthermore, in Sidon, you will marvel at the fantastically preserved treaty of ancient Kadesh and well-preserved statue of Alexander Saycophagus in the museum that reveals what ancient life in the Middle East was once like.

The climate in Turkey is very pleasant and sunny. This makes Turkey an ideal luxury travel holiday vacation spot with numerous Turkey luxury resort hotels sprinkled along the dramatic coastline. Turkey's climate is described as being temperate with sunny, hot and dry summers, with temperatures in the 30's, and cool winters. The winters are relatively mild on the coast but inland the weather can be very cold in the winter period.

The currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TRL). ATM's are handily located on most central city streets for your ease and convenience and are nearby all of the magnificent Turkey luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Turkey for a luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous services that fly non-stop to and from Turkey's airports including Ataturk International Airport, Antalya Airport and Sakirpasa Airport. All of the major Turkey luxury resort hotels are located within easy driving distance of Turkey. The airlines serving Turkey include Turkish Airlines, Air Anatolia and Delta Airlines& just to name a few.