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Egypt Luxury Resorts

Egypt luxury resort hotels are set deep within mystical landscapes, vast dessert plateaus, interrupted only by the spectacular Nile Valley and Delta, offering the perfect luxury travel holiday destination. Cairo, Egypt's capital and sunniest city is graced with the most beautiful setting on the Nile with numerous Egypt luxury resort hotels. For centuries, Cairo has been the largest city in Africa boasting five thousand years of ancient culture, in the middle of three continents which you can explore on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Egypt is a mystical land of contrasts with towering skyscrapers, art deco villas, palm trees and the beautiful Nile River. Exclusive Egypt luxury resorts include Conrad Cairo, Grand Rotana Resort and Spa, Old Cataract Hotel and The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh.

Exclusive Egypt luxury resort hotels nestled between spectacular scenery for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation. Located nearby the ruins of ancient Memphis, modern-day Cairo encompasses many monuments including the pyramids of the pharaohs and early Christian monasteries. These include the Salah al-din's Citadel; mosque of the Mamluke and Ottaman Sultans which you can explore on your luxury travel vacation. This ancient frontier town boasts a broad Corniche where sailboats etch the skies with their tall masts. Here, the Nile floes through stunning amber and gold desert, round emerald islands covered in several beautiful, palm groves and various tropical plants. Today, Cairo's spectacular skyline mixes minarets and palm trees with beautiful art deco villas, multicoloured neon and exclusive Egypt luxury resort hotels. The bustling city pulses with life while the Nile flows gently on into the sea. Egypt also offers breathtaking sunsets over the Nile that can be enjoyed while having a sumptuous dinner on the terrace of the Old Cataract Hotel.

You will enjoy staying in an Egypt luxury resort hotel on your luxury travel vacation. Visit Egypt and discover first-hand the unsurpassed Egypt luxury resorts available, providing the perfect backdrop for well-earned luxury travel holiday filled with plenty of relaxation amongst peaceful surroundings. You will be amazed by a visit the Oasis, comprising springs, wells and trees that beautifully reflect the charm, beauty and diversity of nature. This is surrounded by miles upon miles of endless, golden desert, lush green valleys, dramatic high plateaus, and therapeutic sulphur-rich springs. In the Western Desert, there are numerous of oases, of which the most significant are the Fayyam, Dakhia, Khargh, Paris, Farafrah, Bahereya, Siwa and the Qattara Depression.

Experience the style, quiet sophistication and tranquillity found only in the beautiful surroundings in one of Egypt luxury resorts on your luxury travel holiday. Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt and boasts numerous popular summer Egypt luxury resorts, with soft sand that stretches for 40 kilometres along the vast Mediterranean Sea. Aswan is yet another popular and unique winter Egypt luxury resort found in Egypt since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Egypt boasts stunning, white sandy beaches set in front of beautiful beachside Egypt luxury resorts that provide first-class holiday accommodation on your luxury travel holiday. The most famous beach, Cleopatra's Bath, is hewn in a rock approximately 50 metres from the shore, which is surrounded by dramatic rocky cliffs. This truly stunning, world-class beach can be reached directly by boat; or by car and then wading through shallow, warm waters& a must see on your exclusive luxury travel holiday!

Al-Abyad Beach is approximately 20 kilometres further west, its natural beauty easily surpasses Mersa Matrouh Beach with numerous Egypt luxury resort hotels. Ageebah Beach is about 28 kilometres west of Mersa Matrouh, which is distinguished by innumerable beautiful natural coves and enchanting scenery. Not to mention, Ras el-Hekma, a stunning land spur that dramatically juts out into the sea, located about 85 kilometres east of Matrouh. It is distinguished by the immense beauty, tranquillity and serenity. Alexandria's stunning beaches offer you miles of pristine clear waters alongside contrasting bustling cities absolutely bursting with ancient history boasting stunning Egypt luxury resort hotels.

Egypt is located in Northern Africa bounded on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the west between Libya and the Gaza Strip, on the south by Sudan and on the east by Israel and the Red Sea. It includes the Asian Sinai Peninsula and has a total land area of about 1 001 450 square kilometres. Over 90 percent of Egypt comprises of desert areas, including the stunning Libyan Desert in the west, a spectacular part of the Sahara, and the Arabian Desert, which borders the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea, in the east. This beautiful region is home to the world's best beachside Egypt luxury resorts found worldwide.

Visit Khan El Khalili, Cairo's world famous bazaar near Egypt luxury resorts on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Here, bargaining is a common practice. You will be amazed by a ride on a Felouca Cruise, a traditional Egyptian sailing craft, with private cabins. By night, you can casually retire to your Egypt luxury resort room in your choice of many spectacular beachside Egypt luxury resort hotel on offer in various parts of Egypt.

The official language in Egypt is Arabic; however English and French are also widely spoken throughout the country with magnificent Egypt luxury resorts. The religion is Islamic Egypt and Coptic Egypt.

The climate of Egypt is generally mild and dry. Summers are hot and dry during the day but cool of later in the evening with a constant cool desert breeze. The winters in Egypt are moderate and are generally mild during the day but can be quite chilly at night. Spend the nights relaxing in superb accommodation in Egypt's renowned beachside luxury resorts.

The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound (LE) that is equal to 100 piastres. One US dollar equals about four Egyptian pounds. Bank branches are located at points of entry to the country and in all major Egypt luxury resort hotels. There is no mandatory exchange when you enter the country; however, all Egyptian currency must be accompanied by an official exchange receipt when paying hotel bills. Visas can be authorised at airports and visitors must register with tourist police within seven days of arrival in Egypt. The Egypt Luxury Resort Hotels usually take care of this but it is wise to contact your nearest Egyptian embassy before embarking on your luxury travel journey to Egypt.

Flying to Egypt for an exclusive luxury travel vacation is convenient and hassle-free. There are many direct non-stop charter flights from the US and UK to Egypt from Los Angeles, London Heathrow, London Gatwick. International airlines flying to and from Egypt include Egypt Air, TWA, Lfthansa, Delta Airlines, British Airways and Air France.