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Dubai Luxury Resorts

Dubai luxury resort hotels are located nearby spectacular scenery breathtaking beaches, a bustling metropolis and traditional houses the perfect setting for an exclusive luxury travel vacation of the United Arab Emigrates (UAE). Discover the exciting new luxury travel destination of Dubai, commonly known in the region as the city of merchants. Dubai boasts the most lavish shopping malls found on earth and numerous Dubai luxury resort hotels. There are many International Dubai luxury resort hotels, an extensive horizon and miles and miles of breathtaking, white, pristine beaches to explore on a luxury travel vacation. Lying amongst the blue and turquoise waters of the southern shore of the stunning Arabian Gulf, backed by the golden, mysterious and majestic dessert with clear blue skies, Dubai provides travellers year-round sunshine and a unique luxury travel Arabian experience. Exclusive Dubai luxury resorts include The Fairmont, Taj Palace, Oasis Hotel, Emigrates Towers and Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Exclusive Dubai luxury resort hotels are the perfect place in which to relax and unwind on an extraordinary luxury travel vacation. With an area of 3900 square kilometres, Dubai is really two cities, Dubai and Deira, with superb Dubai luxury resort hotels. The cities are divided by the Creek, which is essentially an inlet from the gulf splitting the commercial centre of Dubai in two for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation. An ideal spot for sightseeing, you'll find spectacular Dubai luxury resorts, high buildings all together with old traditional houses and mosques in the dazzling city. These illustrate the variety and amazing diversity of cultures and architecture you can find in Dubai. Dubai city is a bustling metropolis, while outside the city; it is sparsely populated, unspoilt and untouched with desert vegetation. In Dubai, you will find everything for a memorable luxury travel holiday regardless of whether you wish to relax on the beach away from the clouds and the crowds or an adventurous desert experience with exclusive Dubai luxury resort hotels.

You will enjoy staying in an exclusive Dubai luxury resort hotel on your luxury travel holiday. Dubai is one of the seven emigrates which make up the United Arab Emigrates and is a place of fascinating contrasts, boasting a distinctive, harmonious blend of a modern city with Dubai luxury resort hotels, and timeless desert and sand dunes, east and west, old and new. The Dubai emigrate comprises of numerous rolling sand dunes that gently lap the foothills of the arid Hajar Mountains to the east and Dubai luxury resorts. A decade ago, nomadic Bedouin roamed with their flocks and inhabited these dunes. Here today, the nomads have settled, in the villages in the fertile oases and nearby valleys which your can explore on your luxury travel holiday.

Dubai, the city of merchants, offers numerous fine and varied restaurants, Dubai luxury resort hotels and fantastic cruise trips. Not to mention, a magnificent Museum, situated in an old fort, a must see on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. The Museum will give you a glimpse into Dubai's fascinating past on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Additionally, the heritage village at Dubai is a must see for all that love traditional arts and crafts. The streets of Dubai are safe and clean, charmed by the city's friendliness and warmth of its cheerful people for you to explore on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. In Dubai, tradition and courtesy live on today.

Shopping is Dubai's greatest attraction and shopping venues are located near the major Dubai luxury resort hotels. Boasting Duty Free shopping, numerous top brand-labelled products are cheaper in Dubai than in the countries they originally came from. No matter what your particular tastes, couture from Paris or Milan, sterling silver Bedouin necklaces or electronics from Japan& you are sure to find it here on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. There are numerous top-class boutiques and department stores scattered throughout the city as well as the renowned souk districts and shopping malls. You can expect further reductions during the annual Dubai Shopping Festival, which runs for 4 weeks from mid-March until mid-July on your luxury travel vacation.

The current population of Dubai stands at approximately 1.67 million, which is set to increase to 3.5 million by 2010. 80 percent consists of Expatriates such as Arabs, Asians, Europeans and others. The religious affiliations in Dubai comprise of 96 percent Muslim, Hindu, Christian and 4 percent, other.

The climate in Dubai is subtropical and arid making it an ideal luxury travel location with superb Dubai luxury resort hotels. Rainfall is irregular and falls mainly in winter for only about 5 days in a year. The temperatures vary markedly from a low of approximately 50 degrees F to a high of 118 degrees F. The average daily maximum is 75 degrees F in January, which rises to 105 degrees F in mid-July.

The currency is Dubai is the UAE Emirati Dirham (AED) and the official language is Arabic. Arabic and English are commonly used in commerce and business in Dubai. However, Hindi and Urdu are widely used as well. Most currencies can be easily converted into Dubai dollars and you will find money exchange companies all over the country. One US dollar equals 3.65 UAE Dirhams. ATM's are located near most Dubai luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Dubai for a luxury travel vacation is convenient and hassle-free. Flights go direct to Dubai Airport. British Airways airlines fly twice a day from Heathrow to Dubai Airport. Emigrates flies 3 times a day from Heathrow and Gatwick, to Dubai, and also twice a day from Manchester, to Dubai Airport. Additionally, Royal Brune Airlines flies to Brunei.