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The Best Hotels

The best hotels in the world are dreamlike and carry connotations of exclusivity, extravagance, opulence and excessiveness. The best hotels offer superb luxury bathing locations, fine furnishings, lavish interiors, authenticity, superb hospitality and environment quality. On your luxury travel vacation in one of the best hotels found worldwide you will enjoy relaxing, pampering,  and lounging whilst escaping the stresses, hustle and bustle and hectic pace everyday routine. The best hotels in the world are found in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. The best hotels offer the most comfortable accommodations which distinguish and subscribe them to the ideal goal of  true luxury.

The best hotels are lavish attractive buildings that are filled with numerous surprises and fascinations for you to discover on your luxury travel vacation. While staying in one of the best hotels you will experience the unforgettable luxurious interiors, extraordinary sights, genuine first-class hospitality and service and the exclusive nature of luxury hotels.

The Hotel Astoria, in Russia, exudes a magnificent ambience, a classy bar and a fine gourmet restaurant and is one of the best hotels in the world for you to experience on your luxury travel vacation. All 200 rooms boast grey and white Italian marble bathrooms, lavish interior, magnificent furnishings, antiques, royal chambers and the highest Russian craftsmanship.

The Hotel Pulitzer, in Amsterdam, is one of the best hotels in the world with decorative sandstone gables, narrow parapets, white transom windows giving the hotel a unique charm. The luxury hotel boasts charming inner gardens with magnificent art deco glasshouses.

Many visitors to Amigo in Brussels, Belgium remark that the hotel is one of the best hotels they have had the chance to discover. The Amigo boasts Renaissance architecture and is a distinguished luxury hotel with contemporary, elegant and authentic paving stones in the magnificent lobby.

A stay in one of the best hotels will remain firmly etched in your mind for years to come.