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Luxury Resort Hotels

Luxury resort hotels have beautiful luxurious interiors and a special ambience. Have you ever had the pleasure of ensconcing in a top luxury resort hotel and relaxing by the poolside, spritzed by cool Evian waters? Luxury resort hotels are varied; however, whether you overlook legendary monuments, or cobalt-blue waters from the terrace, luxury resort hotels deliver the finest experiences of life. Luxury resort hotels are located in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Luxury resort hotels can cover beach, golf, ski, health spa, villas, castles, lodges or eco resorts. Imagine resting your tired head on soft fluffed pillows. Indeed, whatever your preference, the best luxury resort hotels are dreamlike and could be said to transport you to heaven.

Many luxury resort hotel destinations have intriguing histories which have now been captured by acclaimed leading writers. Other luxury resort hotels allow you to be part of their history. Luxury resort hotels boast impeccable hospitality and service, a magnificent ambience and striking panache.

While you are on your luxury travel vacation you will experience the fascinating local cultures, history and fine art. Staying in a luxury resort hotel on you travel vacation allows you to relax and escape the stress, hustle, bustle and hectic pace of everyday life.

For many people, the excitement of arriving at a luxury resort hotel is exhilarating and they experience new locations which enlighten and enthrall.

In Austria, the luxury resort Hotel Sacher Salzburg Osterreichischer Hof will impress you. The beautiful city of Salzburg is filled with music below breathtaking snow-covered Alpine peaks. The luxury resort hotel is stylish, yet traditional with unique furnishings. The luxury resort hotel offers impressive views of the Fortress Hohensalzburg and the old quaint town.

The Prince de Galles, a spectacular luxury resort hotel in Paris boasts intimate character and impeccable taste. There are marble floors, a gold leaf chandelier, and dark green sofas. Here, you will be transported out of this world with personalized service, breathtaking surrounding and fine cuisine on your luxury travel vacation.