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Taiwan Luxury Resorts

Taiwan luxury resorts provide the perfect environment for a relaxing luxury travel holiday of Asia with magnificent ancient shrines, pristine beaches and rolling hills. Taiwan is a highly industrialised metropolis boasting beautiful ancient temples and shrines, Taiwan luxury resort hotels, sunshine and breathtaking sunsets. Not to mention elegant shopping boutiques, art treasures, peaceful lakes, stunning scenery, spectacular beaches and tranquil gardens to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Modern and old coexist in Taiwan as it is both a developing country and simultaneously boasts beautiful Taiwan luxury resort hotels that match others worldwide in elegance, comfort and service. Exclusive Taiwan luxury resorts include The Sherwood, The Landis Taipei, Grand Formosa Regent, Howard Plaza Hotel and Ambassador Hotel.

Exclusive Taiwan luxury resort hotels are surrounded by lush picturesque scenery and a rich culture for you to enjoy on your Taiwan luxury travel holiday. Taiwan clings to the fringes of an ancient culture that contrast sharply with numerous theme parks and bustling cities at the bottom of majestic mountain ranges and rolling hills and plains due to continuous tectonic movement.

You will enjoy staying in a Taiwan luxury resort hotel on your exclusive luxury travel vacation as Taiwan luxury resorts are nestled among the rare natural beauty of the landscape. Taiwan is relatively small, with a land area of only 36000 square kilometres that lies just off the coast of mainland Asia, and across the Taiwan Straits from mainland China. Japan lies to the north, and to the south are the Philippines. There are over 250 major scenic areas, to preserve Taiwan's best natural ecological environment and cultural sites, with six national parks with both cultural assets and natural beauty. You will want to visit Yangmingshan, Taroko, Kenting, Xueba, and Kinmen and Yushan national parks on your luxury travel vacation. Not to mention 7 national scenic areas such as Tapeng Bay, Sun Moon Lake, Matsu, Penghu, Huatung Longitudinal Valley, the northeast coastline and east coast.

You will enjoy immersing yourself in the rich culture while staying in one of the gorgeous Taiwan luxury resort hotels. There are more than 7000 people in Taiwan who are warm and friendly and deliver legendary hospitality in your Taiwan luxury resort hotel on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. The harmonious blending of cultures in Taiwan, the Taiwanese, Hakka and mainland Chinese cultures, has given rise to a rich plethora of religions, architecture, cuisine delicacies from land and sea, lifestyles and languages. You can croon in a local karaoke bar, shop in bustling night markets in the capital, Taipei on your exclusive luxury travel vacation.

There are numerous fine art galleries in Taiwan, a city where old and new co-exist, located nearby the magnificent Taiwan luxury resort hotels and ancient temples. The art found here is tremendously diverse, from temple carvings to traditional folk operas, ancient aboriginal chants, Western classical music, Peking opera to post-modern dance and conservative Chinese ink paintings on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Taiwan is unquestionably the capital of Chinese cuisine, which is world famous with rice-based and wheat-based foods, a wide range of Taiwanese snacks which you can enjoy on your luxury travel vacation.

On your exclusive luxury travel vacation, visit the spectacular sheer heights of the cliffs at Taroko Gorge, hike up to the summit of the rugged Jade Mountain, or ride the unique Alishan mountain train during your stay in one of the Taiwan luxury resort hotels. If you still have time, relax on the beautiful beaches in Kending and cruise to the offshore islands of Kinmen and Penghu on your luxury travel holiday. In Taiwan, amusement parks are growing quickly such as Janfusan Fancy World in Taichung, Taiwan Folk Village in Changhua, the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village in Nantou, National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung and the Taipei Arts Museum in Taipei.

The climate of Taiwan is tropical, sub-tropical, marine with the rainy season during Southwest monsoon (June to August). Summer temperatures can reach 35 degrees at the coast. Taiwan's climate varies from hot and humid in the south to a cooler climate in the north and inland mountainous areas. Sudden rain showers occur over the country. Autumn (September and October) is the driest time of the year, which is then followed by a damp winter with snow on the island's mountain peaks.

Many airlines fly to Taiwan making it an ideal luxury travel destination with its location nearby numerous Taiwan luxury resort hotels. Flights to Taiwan are available from most UK and US airports.

The currency is the new Taiwan dollar (TWD).