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Myanmar Luxury Resorts

Myanmar luxury resort hotels are surrounded by spectacular scenery - rugged mountains, shimmering seas, and beautiful temples - the perfect luxury travel destination in the vast Indian Ocean. Myanmar is regarded as a mysterious, undiscovered and beautiful county with magnificent Myanmar luxury resorts. It is a place of legend and wonderment, located between India and China, looking out to the vast Indian Ocean next to Thailand boasting numerous Myanmar luxury resort hotels. Myanmar gained its independence on 4 January 1948 from British rule and was formerly known as Burma. It is one of the most diverse countries in South East Asia, abundant in natural resources, and stretches from the shimmering islands of the Andaman Sea and into the rugged Himalayan mountains. You will enjoy exploring the coastal Bay of Bengal which borders the southern section of the country on your luxury travel vacation. Myanmar luxury resorts include The Thiripyitsaya Sakura Hotel Bagan, Bagan Golf Resort, The Strand, Sedona Hotel Mandalay and Grand Plaza Parkroyal Yangon.

Exclusive Myanmar luxury resort hotels are the ideal luxury travel destination where you can relax and unwind. Myanmar is home to many exclusive luxury resort hotels, nestled amongst lush picturesque scenery. Myanmar is the largest place in the South Asian peninsula and covers 2000 kilometres from north to south and over 900 kilometres from east to west. Home to 135 different ethnic groups, Myanmar is a fascinating country with jungles, pristine beaches, intimate boutiques, spectacular Myanmar luxury resorts, fine cuisine, and snow-covered mountains with a rich and warm cultural heritage.

You will enjoy staying in a luxury Myanmar resort on your luxury travel holiday. You will be impressed by a visit to the luxurious Victorian-styled Strand in Yangon as well as the cosmopolitan capital city that retains its colonial heritage with turn of the century architecture and tree lined avenues. Not to mention, Myanmar luxury resort hotels and peaceful public parks. You will enjoy discovering the ancient city of Bagan on a relaxing hot air balloon ride on your luxury travel vacation. The city is only just emerging into the modern world. The spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda tower above the streets of Yangon with a wide range of handicrafts and stones such as jade, sapphires and rubies at the world renowned shops of Scott's Market for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation.

Discover Myanmar aboard the luxurious River Cruiser, the Road to Mandalay provides stunning views of traditional temples, lush landscapes, Myanmar luxury resort hotels and ancient riverside settlements along the beautiful 2000 kilometre Ayeyarwady River, the main river of Myanmar. Myanmar is a mysterious, diverse and undiscovered country just waiting for you to explore on your luxury travel holiday.

The location and topography of Myanmar makes for a lot of diversity in climate conditions. Seasonal changes in the monsoon wind direction create summer, winter and rainy seasons. Extremes in temperatures are rare on Myanmar luxury travel vacations.

Travelling to Myanmar for a exclusive luxury travel holiday is very convenient. The major airlines of Myanmar fly 5-7 times daily and are Air Bagan, Air Mandalay, Bankok Airways, Qatar Airways and Yangon Airways.