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Japan Luxury Resorts

Japan luxury resorts are oriental in style and are nestled amongst beautiful tranquil surroundings, ideal for an exclusive luxury travel vacation of Asia. Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, boasts spectacular scenery, rich culture, spectacular Japan luxury resort hotels and warm, friendly locals. Japan consists of four main islands - Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, and several smaller islands freckle the Eastern coast of Asia, making up the archipelago of Japan. Lush forests, hills and rugged, mountainous areas cover two thirds of the land area while commercial and residential areas account for just 10 percent of the land use. Japan is a leading technological, cultural and commercial centre with much to offer to visitors to the beautiful country on exclusive luxury travel vacations. Furthermore, the shopping is superb with Ginza being called the Fifth Avenue of Tokyo. Exclusive Japan luxury resorts include Hotel Seiyo Ginza and The Strings Hotel.

Japan luxury resort hotels provide the ideal place to relax and unwind on a luxury travel holiday while enjoying oriental splendour and culture. Japan luxury resort hotels are surrounded by picturesque scenery, which boast outstanding hospitality. On your luxury travel vacation, you will want to visit Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fijiyama, which proudly stands 3776 meters overlooking a mixture of active and dormant volcanoes that are scattered throughout the country.

Exclusive Japan luxury resort hotels are nestled amongst lush scenery for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation. Japan is extremely densely populated countries in the entire world with 330 people per square kilometre with a population total of 127 million. On your exclusive luxury travel vacation you will enjoy visiting the capital city, Tokyo, which faces the Pacific Ocean and extends out over the beautiful Kanto Plains. The city has much to offer for a luxury travel vacation as a leading technological, cultural and commercial centre worldwide. See how cities exists within Tokyo itself and form this bustling metropolis while you can take time out and relax at Tokyo Bay or one of the public parks, rich with cherry trees while you stay at an exclusive Japan luxury resort hotel.

There are numerous magnificent ancient temples in Japan that stand in stark contrast alongside modern Japan luxury resort hotels. Asakusa is the most popular tourist destination in Tokyo, with a huge historic Buddist temple, the Asakusa Kannon Temple, with large lanterns at the front gate. Shinjuku boasts the busiest train station in the world with more than 2 million people passing through the station daily and is a dynamic business, entertainment and shopping district with beautiful Japan luxury resort hotels.

Shinjuku's many high-rise buildings and Japan luxury resort hotels have excellent views of the city at night and Mount Fuji by day. Shinjuku also provides services to Hakone, the beautiful hot spa Japan luxury resort set amongst the surrounding mountains.

Ginza is the finest shopping area and hosts numerous upmarket, exclusive shops, department stores, Japan luxury resort hotels and art galleries and is commonly regarded as the Fifth Avenue of Tokyo. You will be impressed by a visit to Tokyo Tower, which was modelled after Paris's famous Eiffel Tower. On a clear day the views from the tower of Tokyo city are unparalleled on a luxury travel holiday.

Transport is easy from your Japan luxury resort hotel as Tokyo's train system is extremely efficient. In central Tokyo, lies the famous Imperial Palace that is home to the Emperor of Japan and the location of Edo Castle. Experience the calm tranquillity of the Imperial Gardens, idyllically situated peacefully behind heavily guarded walls near Japan luxury resort hotels on your luxury travel vacation. Further north is the Budokan, where judo competitions are frequently held as well as other martial arts, and the Tokyo National Museum.

The climate ranges from tropical temperatures in the South to cool temperatures in the North. Japan has four very distinct seasons. In Spring Tokyo's cherry blossoms look stunning and there are cool temperatures. In the summer months, it can get as hot as 30 degrees and in the crisp days of autumn there is beautiful foliage. Japan's winter is relatively mild and dry and the temperatures hardly ever go far below freezing.

Travelling to Japan for an exclusive luxury travel holiday by air is very convenient. The major international airports in Japan are Narita, in Tokyo, Kansai International Airport in Osaka and Chubu Airport in Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoku, Naha and Niigata. Narita Airport is 40 miles from Tokyo. The major airlines are All Nippon Airlines (ANA), Japan Airlines (JAL), United Airlines, Northwest and Korean Air. In recent years travel prices between the US to Japan have dropped markedly.