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The legendary Red Prawns

This involves a short boat trip and pleasant fifteen-minute walk along the base of oursandstone cliffs, through tropical rainforest until finally arriving at the tidal rock poolswhich house Vatulele’s sacred red prawns. Along the way you will be able to view ancientpetroglyphs, one of which our logo is based upon. The legend surrounding the redprawns is well described in the dark green booklet (located in your bure). You will need towear shoes (preferably reef walkers) and insect repellent at certain times of the year.

Cave walk

This hike takes about 30 minutes in each direction. Along the way you will be informed of the local Fijianbush medicine and see small plantations of young mulberry trees used to make tapa cloth. There are twocaves, one of, which contains a crystal clear pool of water, deep enough to dive off surrounding rocks andallowing enough daylight in to see the multitude of stalegtites overhead. You will need sturdy walking shoes,your swimming costume, towel and insect repellent at certain times of the year.

Hike to the Lighthouse

More of a hard walk than a hike, this trip takes approximately 25 minutes through the rainforest. The pathis rocky and uneven in some places, so good walking shoes are required. Vatulele does not recommend the lighthouse itself, but the view from the top is spectacular.

Village day trip

The mini van will take you to one of four of Vatulele’s resident native villages, where you will meet the chiefof the island, who will welcome the guest with the official Fijian Kava ceremony. After a brief wanderthrough the village, you will have the opportunity to buy local shells, jewellery and tapa cloth made by thevillagers themselves. We recommend that you take small denomination of Fijian currency ($1, $2 or $5)and a camera. The resort asks that guests dress somewhat conservatively; long skirts or shorts and haveshoulders covered. At some times of the year, guests like to watch a local football game (Rugby).


While you are free to snorkel at your own leisure in and around the resort, most visitors must be taken tothe reef by boat, as it is actually located some distance from the shore. The boat will moor on the deep sideallowing you to see the varying types of marine life as the coral wall descends. Take your towel and plenty ofsunscreen. Snorkels, masks and fins are available upon request from the activities bure located on the mainbeach.


Picnic breakfasts and lunches are available for visits to Nooki Nooki Island or at the Long Beach. Theresort will provide you with shade, transportation and a picnic hamper of your choice. You will need shoes(preferably ones that you do not mind getting wet) and general beach items (eg towel, sunscreen, etc). It issuggested you pre-book with the Island Management a couple of days in advance as these activities are verypopular. Snorkelling equipment may also be of some enjoyment to you.

Sunday Church Service

The Vatulele mini bus will take you one of the four villages located on Vatulele, for thelocal church service with the local residents. The singing is magnificent but the service isconducted in Fijian and is rather lengthy – one and a half-hours – if you wish to departprior to the completion, please do not hesitate to ask your guide.

Private dinners

It is possible to organise private meals for two in a number oflocations on Vatulele. Guests may choose from the wine cellar,on the beach, the terrace in their bure, the folly overlookingthe resort, or in the library in the main bure.It is advised that the guest book these meals in advance with the islandmanagament as the resort is only able to accept one couple at a time, in any one place.

Scuba diving

Scuba Diving is available at the resort on a daily basis. We havea PADI certified Gold Palm 5 star resort with two residentinstructors. You will not be in large groups and your instructionwill be very one-on-one. It would be difficult to find bettercircumstances to obtain a scuba certification.


Is not one of our advertised or included activities. However you should contact us if you are interested inthe status of fishing because our new co-General Manager, Grant (joining in January 2003) was aprofessional fly fishing guide for a time in New Zealand. He is keen to get fishing on the agenda and isinvestigating BONE fishing as an option. Fishing will be at additional cost if we decide to go ahead with it.For those of you who are interested in GAME fishing, a boat can be chartered from the mainland. As it hasto travel some distance, there are relocation fees involved.


There is a number of Fijian therapists offering massage at an additional modest charge (approximatelyUS$45 for one hour at current exchange rates.

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