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Consumption is confined to resorts and alcohol is prohibited from being brought in to the airport

Banking and Business Hours:

Normal banking hours are 09.00 to 13.30 on Sundays to Thursdays.  Government offices are open 07.30 to 14.30 daily except on Fridays & Saturdays


The Maldives enjoys a tropical climate with an average temperature of 30.7 degrees Celsius (max.).  The wet season runs between April and October, however rain is sporadic and clear blue skies can often be found during these months


The Maldives has some of the best diving from around the world with exotic marine life, abundant coral reefs and amazing wrecks.  The best months for diving are between November and April


240V, 50 Hz.  Hairdryers and adapters are available for Rania guests


Night fishing is a popular Maldivian sport and a favourite with Rania guests.  In addition, Rania guests can also enjoy big game fishing and have their catch of the day barbecued or prepared to their liking by the resident chef

Getting Around:

Rania can take guests anywhere in the Maldives.  However, the common mode of inter-island transport is by locally built boats known as “Dhoni” or by sea plane


There is a good private hospital on Malé.  In the event of diving emergencies a decompression chamber is available on Bandos Island close by to the capital of Malé


Immunisation against typhoid, Hepatitis A and polio is recommended.  There is no Malaria in the Maldives

Spa Pool:

There is a Spa Pool on board Rania, so guests can ease tensions whilst enjoying the breath taking views from deck

Kudahuvadhoo Island:

Guests wanting to go off the beaten track may want to visit Kudahuvadhoo Island in the South Nilandhoo Atoll.  Still yet to be thoroughly investigated by archaeologists, it has reportedly some of the finest masonry, surpassing even the famous Inca wall in Cusco.  Rania guests can visit this island and Atoll in 40 minutes each way by Rania speed yacht

Language:Dhivehi is the national language, however English is widely spoken in addition to German, French, Italian and Japanese

Money/Exchange Rates: 

The Maldivian Ruffiyaa (Rf or Mrf) is made up of 100 larees.  The current exchange rate is US$1 = 12.85 Mrf.  There are cash machines in Malé and international cards with Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus and Plus signs are all accepted.  US Dollars are accepted everywhere.  Rania accepts credit cards or offer a travel exchange facility


Nudity is strictly prohibited on inhabited islands


Laptops are available for Rania guests with web and email facilities, as are the use of personal iPods

Public Holidays and Festivals: 

Friday is a public holiday and so all banks, shops and government offices are closed.  Most other holidays are based on the Islamic lunar calendar and so the dates vary from year to year.  The most important event is Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting and the sighting of the new moon (celebrated at the end of Ramadan).  Ramadan is from 4 October – 2 November 2005 and 24 September – 22 October 2006


Rania is named after the Queen of Jordan and “Rani” in Dhivehi also means Queen


The Maldivians are Sunni Muslims and their lifestyle follows the tradition of Islam.  Footwear must be removed when entering mosques and dress must be appropriate (smart/casual wear) when visiting inhabited islands


Unlimited spa treatments are included for Rania guests from a personalised spa therapist, ranging from massages and facials to specialised Ayurvedic therapies such as Sirodhara

Time Difference: 

The Maldives is five hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.  When it is 12.00 (GMT) in London, it is 17.00 in the Maldives

Unforgettable Holiday: 

For unparalleled luxury, unprecedented privacy, unrivalled freedom and unsurpassed levels of service, Rania provides everything to guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience


No prior visa is required to enter the Republic of Maldives.  Free entry permit will be granted for 30 days upon arrival providing visitors have a valid passport

Water Garden Island Spa:

This island is for exclusive use only for Rania guests.  Situated on the island is a private plunge pool, spa, entertainment pavilion and beautiful palm-fringed white sand beach as well as the luxurious, air-conditioned Rania Villa Suite with its open-air design, thatched roofs and white-cushioned sofa swings.  Lagoons around the island are perfect for snorkelling. 

Xcellent Food!: 

All food will be prepared by the internationally acclaimed chef, served anywhere, anytime to make the most of the stunning surroundings

Y Go Anywhere Else?:

Rania promises the ultimate in laidback luxury and its team of highly skilled professionals ensure that each moment of the Rania experience is seamless and unforgettable for every guest. 


Sleep like you have never slept before in paradise surroundings and wake to the rhythmic sound of the Indian Ocean waves gently lapping against the shoreline.