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In pure Balinese style, the Ayung Spa offers three luxurious pavilions dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Each pavilion comprises two large spaces; one with two massage beds and a Balinese sofa, the other with a dressing area and bathroom with a bath that is surrounded by water and looks out onto the river. The pavilions are linked to each other by Japanese steps surrounded by water and climbing plants clinging to the neighboring wall, promoting a sensation of fertility. Indulge yourself in this luxurious setting and rejuvenate yourself the Spas amazing treatments.


Rejuvenating facial - 60 minutes
Enjoy revitalizing and moisturizing facial using especially formulated products containing bio-aloe vera extract. It will rebalance the regeneration of skin cell and keep the elasticity of the skin. A neck and shoulder massage is included to release the stress.

Ayung beauty secret - 60 minutes
A beauty secret that to clean, refines, restore and hydrate your skin. This advanced treatment incorporates a vital energy point massage through the application of a cranial herbal poultice over the back, neck shoulders and head, which ease away stress and tensions. Finally, restore health and vitality to the face with a floral elixir and a hydrating gel, which enhances muscle tone and leaves the skin fresh and supple.

Ultimate chocolate scrub - 60 minutes
Never dreamt of sweet chocolate aromas to purify and nourish your skin? Freshly harvested cocoa beans are gently rubbed onto your skin to polish and add moisture. Then melt into a bath filled with milk and honey before receiving a nourishing body butter. Chocolate, the food of the Gods, will leave you de-stressed and pampered ready to enjoy the bliss of life.

Coconut & rice scrub - 60 minutes
Since ancient times, the coconut has been used in Bali by women to heal and beautify their skin complexion. This traditional recipe is made out of grated coconut and coconut milk to smooth the skin and rice powder to gently exfoliate. Indulge yourself with this ultimate exfoliation ritual that removes dead skin cells, followed by an energizing herbal bath

Ginger, invigorating body scrub - 60 minutes
A treatment specially designed to deep cleanse and purify the body with an invigorating skin scrub using ginger and rice to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. Ginger scrub is followed by vitality herbal bath to recharge energy and balance body and mind.

Herbal / flower bath - 30minutes
Appreciate the nature and the life you have been given by collecting herbs and flower from the nature. Then just revitalize your beings in this herbal bath, surrender to the healing properties of water, herb and flower and allow your muscle relax, completely relaxation equal to the restoration of health.


Balinese massage - 60 minutes
Unfold in the infinite beauty and well-being world of the island of Gods with this blissful massage handed down through generations. Soothe away tensions, stress and pains with a calming blend of your choice of massage oil that will embark your body and mind on a journey of ultimate relaxation and wellness.

Revitalizing Ayung massage - 75 minutes
Encourage fresh vital energy to flow freely through your body. This massage follows energy channels running through the body to tune your energy, ease away blockages and replenish your own self with a renewed vitality.

Foot massage - 60 minutes
A session to pampering your feet and set out the ways in which we can give our own feet special treat. Luxurious foot soak in fragrant essential oil will be start the treatment and the power of massage will soothe energize and excite the feet.

Herbal revival - 90 minutes
In traditional Balinese medicine herb are used to compliment the massages that treat illness. This treatment is believed to calm nerves and redirect the energy vital of health, relieve sore muscle, stimulate blood circulation and refresh your skin.

Reflexology - 60 Minutes
This ancient healing therapy of applying gentle pressure to the reflex point on the bottom of feet will help to improve blood and nerve supply, relax the body and re-establish the flow of energy through the body. Treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation to prepare your feet to soak in a warm bath with essential oil that will relieve stiffness and heaviness.

Angel bliss spa for kids For junior guests 6-13 years old. - 45 minutes
Invite your child to discover the world of wellbeing under the caring touch of Balinese therapists. Gentle pressure is applied to the scalp, legs and feet and a grounding oil massage is performed on the back and the arms. This treatment improves children’s quality of sleep, sooth nervous system, strengthens the immune system. Children’s size fishermen’s pants are supplied for the duration of the treatment.