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Curacao Luxury Resorts

Curacao luxury resort hotels are located off the breathtakingly beautiful coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean with a beautiful colonial harbor, chalky mountain ranges, windswept shores and rugged terrain to discover on an exclusive luxury travel vacation. Discover Curacao, a unique luxury travel holiday destination boasting exquisite beaches, spectacular secluded coves, fine cuisine, stunning architecture and idyllic Curacao luxury resort hotels. Curacao is world-famous for its sunny weather, diverse culture, secluded coves and excellent liqueur, produced from the peel of bitter oranges. Curacao is a fascinating blend of the Old and New World which you can explore while staying in a Curacao luxury resort hotel on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Today the sunny weather all year round and the genuine hospitality of the local people that brings visitors back time and time again on exclusive luxury travel vacations. Experience the first-class hospitality found in Curacao first-hand when you stay in one of the Curacao luxury resort hotels. The population of Curacao is extremely diverse and is made up of over 50 different ethnicities who are all are vivacious and welcoming. Exclusive Curacao luxury resorts include Curacao Marriott Beach Resort and Emerald Casino.

Exclusive Curacao luxury resort hotels are surrounded by colorful coral reefs teeming with fish for you to enjoy on your luxury travel vacation of the Caribbean. Curacao boasts world-renowned liqueur and has a wide variety of more than 35 gorgeous beaches with stunning Curacao luxury resorts. There are numerous long, powder-soft sand beaches that are either bustling with a wide range of water activities or tranquil and peaceful to enjoy on your luxury travel holiday. There are intimate rocky coves along the dramatic coastline that are surrounded by rugged cliffs and lush vegetation with crystalline waters of deep hues of blue and green. The waters are calm and sheltered and are sprinkled along the spectacular southwestern coast making Curacao an excellent choice for a luxury travel holiday destination with year round sunny weather, friendly cheerful local people, Curacao luxury resorts, superb swimming, diving and snorkeling in its crystalline waters.

Many Curacao luxury resort hotels are located on breathtakingly beautiful beaches and boasts sunny weather and first-class hospitality to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. You will enjoy a day spent at Kenepa Beach while staying at a Curacao luxury resort. It is one of Curacao's most popular and intimate beaches boasting two spectacular coves. The smaller of the two coves, Playa Kenepa, is sheltered and shaded by beautiful Manchineel trees set a way back from the water. Playa Abou is much larger and has many pergolas that provide shade. You will be impressed by the excellent views found above Westpunt Playa Forti Beach that give a spectacular panorama of the beautiful western tip of the island and of the different fishing boats. The sand here is darker and there are small smooth pebbles along the stunning beach with crystal clear waters which you can enjoy while staying in a Curacao luxury resort hotel. This vista over the beach is stunning and between Playa Kenepa and Playa Abou there is a fabulous lookout point. You will also want to visit Santa Cruz, which has a decidedly unique look and is a popular luxury travel vacation spot where there are often parties well into the night.

Curacao's climate is generally warm, sunny and pleasant all year round, making it the ideal luxury travel holiday destination with numerous Curacao luxury resorts lining the coastline. The mean temperature in Curocao is approximately 27 degrees C constant trade winds blowing from the east which have a cooling effect. Curocao is situated 12 degrees north of the Equator in the tropics, at the base of the Caribbean, is an idyllic holiday destination boasting several first-class Curacao luxury resort hotels. Between the months of October and February is the rainy season when there are sometime short, heavy showers. But they never last long at occur mostly at night allowing you to enjoy the glorious sunny, warm weather during the day all year round. The year round sunny weather matched with the friendly, genuine hospitality is why so many visitors return again and again to Curacao's idyllic shores.

The currency in Curacao is the Netherlands Antillean Dollar which is also more commonly called the Florin. You can easily get by using US Dollars here and some Curacao luxury resort hotels are restaurants accept Euros. ATM's are handily located on most main streets in the city for your ease and convenience and are located nearby numerous spectacular Curacao luxury beach resorts.

Flying to Curacao for an exclusive luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous airline services that provide non-stop services to and from Hato Airport. Hato Airport is within easy driving distance of all of the magnificent Curacao luxury resort hotels. The airlines flying to and from Hato Airport include American Airlines, Air Jamaica, America Transair, Avianca and Guyana Airways...just to name a few.