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Tonga Luxury Resorts

Tonga luxury resorts are situated amongst beautiful, tranquil surroundings with pristine beaches and shimmering waters -a superb location for an exclusive Tonga luxury travel vacation of the South Pacific. Discover Tonga, a spectacularly beautiful island boasting numerous magnificent Tonga luxury resort hotels on your luxury travel holiday. You can enjoy exploring the rare, remote unspoilt islands of Tonga and discovering the peace and tranquillity on the gorgeous beaches that nudge the International dateline, while time virtually stands still on your luxury travel vacation. Above all, you will enjoy immersing yourself in the rich culture and mixing with the warm, friendly locals who pride themselves on delivering legendary first-class hospitality and service on this island known as a Pacific Sailing Paradise. Experience their genuine hospitality first hand when you stay in your choice of one of the Tonga luxury resort hotels. Exclusive Tonga luxury resorts include The Keleti Beach Resort.

Tonga luxury resort hotels set amongst a spectacular backdrop of pristine white beaches and stunning turquoise waters for you to enjoy on your Tonga luxury travel holiday. You will enjoy experiencing the unique geography, climate and traditions unique to the islands of Tonga, that nudge the International dateline, deep in the South Pacific. These diverse islands reveal the natural beauty of ancient Polynesia; forgotten by the modern world making it the perfect escape from it all while you stay in a Tonga luxury resort hotel. Tonga is the only Polynesian Kingdom left in the world, a Pacific nation that has never been colonised, a magnificent destination for a Tonga luxury resort vacation. In Tonga nature lovers, and others alike, will enjoy watching whales frolicking in shimmering turquoise waters when they visit annually between June and November on a luxury travel holiday. Tonga is unlike any other vacation destination in offering a truly authentic island experience with a touch of royalty as well.

Fafa Island Resort is an ecologically friendly Tonga luxury resort hotel that boasts superior comfort that is ideal for a secluded, relaxing and tranquil luxury travel holidays with superb facilities and service. Fafa Island is just a 30-minute exhilarating ride by boat from the main island of Tongatapu on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. This small intimate Tonga luxury resort has 8 superior Fales, built in the traditional Tongan style and architecture, scattered among the spectacular tropical gardens as well as 5 Deluxe Fales near pristine waters. Each room is cooled by the ocean breeze and offers the utmost privacy and an extraordinary outdoor bathroom and private garden situated amongst the surrounding tropical jungle. Additionally, there is a superb restaurant and an open-air bar on the beach, which is an ideal meeting place for visitors where you can sip coconut juice or kava on their luxury travel holiday.

You will enjoy staying in a Tonga luxury resort hotel and exploring the beautiful island on your luxury travel holiday. Tonga is made up of 176 islands together that are clustered into three main island groups which boasts idyllic beaches and spectacular Tonga luxury resort hotels. The islands are spectacularly beautiful and nudge the International Dateline. Less than 45 of Tonga's islands are actually inhabited, allowing visitors the freedom of being the only ones to idle along stunning sandy beaches that are spread along 700, 000 square kilometres of beautiful turquoise South Seas.

Tongatapu is Tonga's gateway to the rest of the world, full of natural beauty and hosts the International Airport, many Tonga luxury resort hotels and the Royal Family. It also has a variety of exciting shops and magnificent restaurants and bars. You can idle along the waterfront on Vuna Road or discover Nuku alofa's local stores or souvenir shops. If that is not enough, you must pay a visit to the island's richly historic Royal Palace, home to His Majesty King Tafa'ahau Tupou IV, and mysterious Royal Tombs.

The Ha'apai cluster of islands are perfect for relaxation and serenity on numerous secluded white sandy beaches with lovely Tonga resort hotels and pristine waters, that fringe spectacular and magical coral reefs, that gently lap the shore. Here, you will enjoy the relaxed pace of life, just allow yourself to be taken back in time with no crowds or queues, where being in a hurry is rude. Here, tradition has a profound and strong influence on the way locals live their everyday life. The main island of Ha'apai, Lituka hosts a selection of fine restaurants and bars and many beautiful Tonga luxury resorts in the township of Pangai.

The third cluster of islands named Vava'u boasts deep beautiful crystal clear waters, Tonga luxury resort hotels with many sea activities and attractions. It consists of 50 closely nestled islands. Here, Neiafu is a small bustling harbour township that hosts passionate yachties from all parts of the world. You will find a stunning array of markets, bars and restaurants to chose from here which along with water attractions plays a significant role in Tonga's economy. Vava'u is renowned as the  Pacific Sailing Paradise, with good reason as it offers stunningly beautiful waterways that will simply take your breath away in a moment, which you can explore by snorkelling, kayaking or sailing on your exclusive luxury travel vacation& the choice is yours!

The climate in Tonga is generally warm, pleasant and sunny making it an ideal luxury travel holiday vacation destination with numerous Tonga luxury resort hotels sprinkled along its magnificent coastline.

The currency in Tonga is the Pa'anga (TOP). ATM's are handily located on most downtown streets for your ease and convenience and nearby all of the magnificent Tonga luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Tonga for a luxury travel vacation is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous services that fly to and from Fua Amotu International Airport, Haapai Airport and Vavau International Airport. All of the major Tonga luxury resort hotels are located within easy driving distance of at least one of Tonga's airports. The airlines that service Tonga include Royal Tongan Airlines and Polynesian Airlines& just to name a few.