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Cook Islands Luxury Resorts

Cook Islands luxury resort hotels allow you to enjoy spectacular reefs, beautiful rainforests and lagoons on your exclusive luxury travel vacation of the Pacific. The Cook Islands, the Island of Flowers,comprises of a net of 15 picturesque islands with numerous Cook Islands luxury resort hotels, divided into the Southern Group of Islands and the Northern Group. The islands are scattered over 2 million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean, and are home to 14000 souls. The Northern Group are volcanic with mountainous interiors, lush rainforests and fringing reefs while the Southern Group are true atolls with turquoise lagoons surrounded by exotic tropical blooms. Here, on your luxury travel holiday you can experience the magical tranquillity and be captivated by the rich, diverse culture, the cherished past blended with the modern, relaxed lifestyle while you stay in a Cook Islands luxury resort hotel. You will long-remember the unique qualities each of the islands has to offer and the lingering fragrance of frangipani. Exclusive Cook Islands luxury resorts include The Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa, Sea Change Villas Raratonga, Reflections on Raratonga and Muri Beach Villa.

Exclusive Cook Islands luxury resort hotels are nestled amongst breathtaking scenic beauty for you to enjoy on your luxury travel holiday. Each island provides a unique insight into life on a remote island, with exclusive luxury resort hotels, warm spontaneous hospitality and a unique luxury travel experience. Enjoy the thrilling rhythmic songs, dances and chants of the luxury travel islands to the unique, beautiful sound of Polynesian drums. Experience the lush main island of Raratonga is commonly described as the Island of Flowers on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. Visit Avarua - the vibrant, bustling capital of the Cook Islands, the endless white sandy shores of Muri Lagoon on a full day luxury travel excursion upon a cruise or experience the beauty of the Island of Aitutaki, the breathtaking allure of beautiful white beaches, exclusive luxury travel resorts with clear turquoise waters.

Aitutaki is home to several Cook Islands luxury resort hotels nestled amongst lush picturesque scenery for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation. Aitutaki is located 220km north of Raratonga and its 45 kilometre round lagoon is gorgeous with the entire spectrum of colours from deep indigos, aquamarines to soft pastel jades. The lagoon is enclosed by a surf topped coral reef and numerous small, scattered, charming uninhabited islands. Simply breathtaking! Experience a lagoon cruise through pristine waters on the Island of Flowers, with a myriad of colourful fish and white sands on your luxury travel vacation. Aitutaki is the second most frequently visited island of the Cook Islands and is a recommended extension to luxury travel vacations. The main village of Aitutaki is secluded, serene and sleepy with warm friendly locals and laid back atmosphere and lifestyle.

Luxury travel vacations staying in Cook Islands luxury resorts are inspiring. Avarua, the capital is the commercial centre and the main port of the islands with numerous Cook Islands luxury resort hotels. This tropical town offers a wide assortment of shops, restaurants, 20 bars and cafes providing live music and dance music with a fantastic nightlife. Shops are scattered through the five villages along the west coast of the island selling souvenirs, island fashions and handcrafts. The Cook Islands are also renowned for their high quality black pearls, produced on the small remote atoll of Manihiki, and these are sold from the numerous pearl outlets on the islands.

Air Raratonga flies three times a day except for Sundays, which provides convenient internal travel to Cook Islands luxury resort hotels. International airline flights to the Cook Islands are mainly offered by Air New Zealand to Raratonga Airport. There are also direct flights available from Auckland, Los Angeles, Fiji and Tahiti. Most flights arrive/ depart early in the morning. All of the major Cook Islands luxury resort hotels are located within easy driving distance of at least one of the airports in the Island of Flowers.